OpenManage Enterprise

OpenManage Enterprise

Dell EMC OpenManage™ Enterprise

Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise is the "next generation" of the OpenManage Essentials console. The OpenManage Enterprise systems management console is designed to simplify, intelligently automate and unify IT infrastructure management tasks.

OpenManage Enterprise is an easy-to-install, simple-to-use, one-to-many systems management console that requires minimal training and cost-effectively facilitates comprehensive, unified lifecycle management for Dell EMC PowerEdge Modular Infrastructure, rack and tower servers. OpenManage Enterprise also provides end-to-end infrastructure monitoring capabilities for Dell EMC storage and networking devices, as well as third-party hardware.

Fully supported by Dell EMC for use in production environments, the OpenManage Enterprise console is designed for today’s IT Professionals and IT Transformation.

New features in the latest OpenManage Enterprise release v3.2

  • Extend management capabilities with an intuitive integrated OpenManage Enterprise Power Manger plugin architecture (OpenManage Enterprise Power Manager will be available in July 2019)
  • Decrease deployment time while preventing costly errors and downtime with auto deployment: Ability to designate an existing template to configure servers and chassis that are yet to be discovered
  • Support for discovery and monitoring of PowerVault MD and ME storage devices
  • Extend support for the latest versions of KVM, ESXi, and Hyper-V
  • Support for programmatic appliance deployment on VMware ESXi version 6.5 or later (OVF form factor only)
  • Faster login with AD accounts
  • Unified management by onboarding servers and MX7000 chassis enables both alert reception and sets the community string
  • Support for multiple device management URLs (if available, such as iDRAC, VxRail manager, XC Prism, etc.)

Enhanced features in the latest OpenManage Enterprise release v3.2

  • Maximize IT efficiency with editable templates to manage, deploy and monitor server, chassis, and IOA
  • Streamline a series of remote management tasks into a single batch, run immediately or schedule for later
  • Maintain up-to-date repositories from the OpenManage Enterprise interface
  • Identify new available updates on demand, or schedule a search on
  • Better grouping and systems labeling ability with enhanced customizable filtering, sorting, and selecting across pages
  • Locate root causes and gain immediate insights for remediation with detailed log information
  • Reduce potential duplicate effort with new alert settings that enable viewing of only the unacknowledged alerts in the alert log display
  • Improved process for tracking users who acknowledge alerts
  • Enhanced efficiency with new filtering and display, options on custom report builder
  • Streamline a series of remote management tasks into a single batch, run immediately or schedule for later with the enhanced remote script execution. Run up to 100 individual RACADM/IPMI, or SSH commands in a single batch
  • Improvements to Warranty - settings are uniformly reflected in home widget, warranty report, and dashboard
  • Streamline firmware update process with the ability to schedule automatic updating of the firmware catalogs
  • Enhanced Firmware compliance report to show only components that have updates in critical or warning status

Pre-existing features from previous versions of OpenManage Enterprise

  • Support for an in-place upgrade from OMEnt-Tech Release to OMEnt v3.1 for management and monitoring of supported devices with no significant downtime
  • Increased scalability to 8000 devices to support larger enterprise implementations
  • Discovery and inventory on IPV4 and IPv6 networks for up to 8000 devices
  • Unified support for multi-generational PowerEdge tower, rack, blades and chassis from a single unified console with added support for the following new devices:
    • Latest 14th generation PowerEdge servers including the new PowerEdge MX7000 chassis and blade servers
    • PowerEdge FD332 storage module
    • Dell Compellent FS8600 storage
  • Full lifecycle management of the MX7000 chassis and contained compute sleds in either standalone mode or as a lead-chassis in a multi-chassis management (MCM) group
  • Enablement of "stateless deployments and virtual Identity management" to create a server environment that is both dynamic and flexible.
  • Full parity with the following OpenManage Essentials v2.5 features:
    • Virtual identity management
    • Virtual identity migration
    • VLAN management
  • Enablement of "Configuration Remediation" to assist in maintaining datacenter compliance to configuration standards upon detection of any drift/changes against a defined template
  • Enhanced datacenter automation policies based upon defined alert-policies, alert reception and processing from 3rd party devices
  • Enablement of custom-guided template editing of deployment templates to assist in eliminating human errors, i.e. ability to edit the deployment template attributes using:
    • Guided View (BIOS, boot sequence, etc.)
    • Advanced View (granular control of individual tokens)
  • Integration with the Dell EMC OpenManage Mobile (OMM) application for remote datacenter monitoring and maintenance using an Android or iOS mobile handheld device
  • Packaged and delivered as a Virtual Appliance (ESXi, Hyper-V, and KVM) for use in multiple types of environments including Linux, Microsoft, etc.
  • Redesigned architecture and implemented on CentOS with PostgreSQL database – eliminating the requirement and expense of additional OS and DB licenses
  • Modern HTML5 GUI with elastic search engine providing faster performance and response times
  • Comprehensive north-bound RESTful API enabling intelligent automation and solution integration conformant with the popular Redfish standard
  • Server single sign-on with use of credential caching to avoid further password prompts
  • Ability to map devices to multiple firmware baselines and selectively update non-compliant firmware
  • Monitoring of system health and event processing providing IT Admins real-time feedback
  • Automated server hardware configuration deployment to a bare-metal PowerEdge server
  • Configuration compliance policies for use in establishing multiple configuration baselines and tracking configuration drift across groups of PowerEdge servers
  • Customized reports leveraging a powerful reporting engine and easy access to specific device information as needed
  • Automated device onboarding during the device discovery and inventory process
  • Firmware compliance with multiple baselines and scheduled updates
  • Native out-of-band management
  • Centralized role-based access control

OpenManage Enterprise

Figure 1: OpenManage Enterprise


  • Download OpenManage Enterprise here


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  • OpenManage Enterprise documentation here



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