Dell PowerEdge C How to deploy Ubuntu on C8000 with Intel C600 Storage Controller

Dell PowerEdge C How to deploy Ubuntu on C8000 with Intel C600 Storage Controller

This guide is written by Dell Global Support and Deployment.
  • Selected OS was Ubuntu 12.04.1 Server (amd64 version)

Figure 1: Image File
  • RAID 1 was configured on the Intel C600

Go to BIOS and configure SATA to RAID mode. Then, go to the C600 Option ROM (CTRL+I) during POST to create the RAID 1 volume.
Figure 2: Rapid Storage Technology
  • Upon installation, the installer picked up the RAID array and will ask if you want to activate the SATA RAID devices. Choose "Yes"

Figure 3: Detect disks
  • The SATA RAID array will show up as "/dev/mapper/isw_<raidcontrollerID>_<volume_name>". The <raidcontrollerID> will vary from system to system of course, and <volume_name> will be the volume name defined in step 2. Write down the volume information and save it for later.
  • Let the system auto-partition the RAID device. (I didn’t use LVM on this test)

Figure 4:Partition disks
  • Format

Figure 5:ATA Raid

Figure 6: Serial ATA RAID
  • Continue the install
  • When you get to the end of the installation, it will ask where to install grub to. The installer will just show "/dev/mapper". Do not install to just /dev/mapper or else it will fail.

Instead, tell the installer to point to "/dev/mapper/isw_<raidcontrollerID>_<volume_name>". From here, grub should install to the correct location and the system should boot.

Boot Loader
Figure 7:GRUB Boot loader
  • Installation successfully ended :

Figure 8:Video Viewer

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