HPC Power and Cooling: BTUs/hr – Part 5

HPC Power and Cooling: BTUs/hr – Part 5

Dell's John Fragalla
Referencing Wikipedia, British Thermal Units (BTUs), and when used as a measurement of power, is expressed as BTUs per hour (BTUs/hr), is the amount of heat required to raise the temperate of one pound of liquid by 1 degree Fahrenheit. In a HPC system, BTUs/hr is the measurement of heat the system produces to aid in sizing the cooling solution in a data center. Correctly sizing the cooling solution based on BTUs/hr will ensure adequate cooling is providin to the system through traditional Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units and other supplemental cooling solutions, such as In-Row Chillers or Rear Cooling Doors. BTUs/hr is derived from the following formula:

BTUs/hr = Watts * 3.41

In the above formula, Watts is the peak measured power consumption of the HPC system running Linpack, as discussed in Part 2 of my series of HPC Power and Cooling blogs. The heat produced by the system is directly related to the peak measured watts when running Linpack.

In part 6 of my blog, the next topic to discuss for a HPC system is Tons of Cooling, and how it relates to BTU/hr.

John Fragalla, Dell HPC Senior Technologist

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