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How to discover Dell switches in Dell Open Manage Essentials?


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How to discover Dell switches in Dell Open Manage Essentials?


Dell OpenManage Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager provide a proactive approach to data center management that delivers features for monitoring Dell server, storage, and networking infrastructures in an environment managed by Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)

This wiki article is specific for who would like to discover Dell switches in Enterprise Manager using Dell OpenManage plug-in. It describes about the best practices to discover the Dell switches in Dell Open Manage Essentials (OME).

The discovery of Dell switches into OME can be achieved using the following way

Discover the switches using management IP:

  1. Access the OME console
  2. Navigate to Manage -> Discovery and Inventory -> Discovery Ranges
  3. Right Click on All Ranges and Click on Add Discovery Range
  4. Provide the host IP address of iDRAC, name of the range/host and the subnet. Click on Add and Next
    Dell switches
    Figure 1: Host IP address of iDRAC
  5. Leave the default values of ICMP parameters and click Next
  6. Select the check box to use SNMP protocol for discovery and specify Get Community as "Public" with default timeouts. Click Next
    Dell switches
    Figure 2: SNMP protocol
  7. Ignore WMI details
  8. Ignore Storage Configuration and click Next: This screen is only used to set the options to discover PowerVault Modular Disks or Dell | EMC Devices.
  9. Disable WS-Man Credentials
  10. Disable SSH Configuration by unselecting the check box.
  11. Ignore IPMI Configuration and click next
  12. Specify Perform both discovery and inventory and click Next
    Dell switches
    Figure 3: Discovery and inventory
  13. Review the complete inputs and click Finish.
The discovered Dell Switches will be shown under Manage -> Devices -> Switches section with the Switch Name. The health status of the target will be in UP state.

After successful discovery of a Dell switches in OME and the promotion of the targets into OEM 12c.Now you can check and monitor the Dell switches alerts in OEM12c Console.

How to enable SNMP traps in DELL Force10 switches:

  1. Login into the Dell Force10 switch console
  2. Enter "configure" Command to configure the Dell Force10 Switch
  3. To enable SNMP traps execute following commands
snmp-server enable traps
snmp-server community public ro

Now, SNMP traps are enabled in the DellForce10 switches.

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