Optimizing an Oracle database with Dell compellent automated tiered storage

Optimizing an Oracle database with Dell compellent automated tiered storage

Executive summary

Enterprise data can be categorized based on criteria such as performance needs, access frequencies, I/O patterns, and business values. With the exponential data growth, the traditional "one size fits all" data storage strategy of storing all data into a uniform storage media has become costly and less efficient. To solve this challenge, many IT organizations have adopted the tiered storage solution. Tiered storage is a data storage environment consisting of multiple storage media types forming storage tiers. Storage tiers can differ in cost, performance and capacity. Tiered storage solution enables the alignment of different categories of data to different storage tiers, with the goal of reducing total storage cost and preserving performance. In this paper, we will examine the automated tiered storage solution, Data Progression, offered by Dell Compellent storage systems. Data Progression automatically moves data to the optimum storage tier and/or RAID level based on actual use and performance needs. This paper describes how users can leverage Data Progression to optimize Oracle database performance. It provides recommended best practices to implement Oracle databases with Dell Compellent Data Progression.

Full Whitepaper

Download the full whitepaper here: http://downloads.dell.com/solutions/enterprise-solution-resources/Dell%20Compellent%20Data%20Progression%20for%20Oracle%20databases.pdf

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