OpenManage Cluster Configurator for Windows Server 2012

OpenManage Cluster Configurator for Windows Server 2012

Introducing Dell OpenManage Cluster Configurator for Windows Server 2012 (OMCC)

Dell OpenManage Cluster Configurator for Windows Server 2012 (OMCC) is a software tool developed in close partnership with Microsoft’s Windows Engineering team. Building on Dell’s PowerEdge VRTX platform, OMCC simplifies the Hyper-V cluster configuration steps including networking, shared storage and the Server nodes, enabling creation of a 2 or 4 node Hyper-V cluster in less than an hour.

The Dell VRTX platform is a single, compact tower (optionally rackable) chassis with office-level acoustics that can include four separate compute nodes, network infrastructure, and a shared storage subsystem. VRTX chassis setup is simple and requires little more than plugging in power and network cables, making it an excellent product for remote and branch office environments. VRTX is an excellent cluster-in-a-box that can provide highly-available services, storage and management in one compact package.

Windows clustering can take many hours to configure manually, and has many steps that have to usually be done on each node. OMCC is a fast, simple and highly automated way to speedily deploy a Hyper-V cluster on the Dell PowerEdge VRTX solution that only requires connection to a single node. It is provided as a customer-orderable option combined with OEM factory-installed Windows Server 2012 operating systems. In addition to considerable automation, it provides an easy access point to the Chassis Management Controller as well all the iDRACs for the individual compute nodes during the cluster configuration process if customization is desired. By using Dell’s iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller to access just one of the nodes, OMCC can configure a cluster remotely from anywhere around the globe, making this a great choice for offices with limited on-site IT expertise.

OMCC is designed to simplify cluster configuration. It provides with features such as:

  • Easy Interface
  • Guided Workflow
  • Fast deployment
  • Extensibility
  • Automation
  • Simplified clustering experience

Now introducing Open Manage Cluster Configurator for Windows Server 2012 R2

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