Dell client configuration toolkit (CCTK) samples

Dell client configuration toolkit (CCTK) samples

Here are some examples of using the CCTK. Refer to the documentation for a complete listing <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>.
Command Description
cctk -i <c:/cctk>/filename.ini apply settings in .ini file
cctk -o <c:/cctk>/filename.ini capture settings and write to .ini file
cctk --acpower=on Sets the behavior of the system after AC power is lost. When set to on, after an AC power loss, when AC power is restored, the system will power on.
cctk --amblightsen=disable Disables the ambient light sensor
cctk --assettag=DONNIETAYLOR Sets the asset tag of the system to "DONNIETAYLOR"
cctk --biosver displays the bios version
cctk --bluetoothdevice=disable disables bluetooth device
cctk bootorder lists boot sequence
cctk bootorder --sequence=embnic,hdd sets boot order to embedded nic first, then hard disk
cctk --embsataraid=raid configures embedded sata raid (IRRT)
cctk --embsataraid=ahci configures embedded sata for ACHI
cctk --forcepxenextboot=enable forces the system to boot to pxe on next reboot
cctk --integratedaudio=enable enables the system's integrated sound device
cctk --wakeonlan=enable enables wake-on-lan (WOL)

When running cctk.exe /? you will notice that some of the listed options are followed by an asterisk. These options do not accept any suboptions or arguments. The values associated with these options are those that are reported by the BIOS. You cannot modify these values.

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