Hadoop world wrap up!

Hadoop world wrap up!

In conjunction with this year's Big Data Week in New York City, Strata + Hadoop World hosted some the industry's best, brightest and most influential business decision makers. With more than 5,500 attendees, some 120 exhibitors, and nearly 200 sessions, it was a busy and informative show. Some of the highlights from Dell included:
  • Informative breakout session
  • From Oracle to Hadoop: Unlocking Hadoop for Your RDBMS with Apache Sqoop and Other Tools
  • Instructive panel discussion
  • Important Advances in Hadoop
  • The launch of Dell In-Memory Appliance for Cloudera Enterprise, with Apache Spark
Breakout Session

First up was From Oracle to Hadoop: Unlocking Hadoop for Your RDBMS with Apache Sqoop and Other Tools, featuring:
  • Kathleen Ting, Cloudera
  • Guy Harrison, Dell
  • David Robson, Dell
Here attendees learned strategies to keep data up to date while placing minimal load on existing systems, how to move aggregated data from Hadoop to RDBMS, and the ways Hadoop may be used alongside an RDBMS as a long term archive or long term transaction or audit log.

Panel Discussion

Our panel discussion was Important Advances in Hadoop and it proved equally as popular. The panel, moderated by Joey Jablonski included:
  • Rob Johnson, Cloudera
  • Jim Birmingham, Dell
  • Armando Acosta, Dell
The panel discussed a wide range of Hadoop-related topics from the importance of security in every aspect of a business, to moving appliances that allow data analytics, to realizing the value of Big Data projects, to the best practices in Hadoop. There was also a glimpse into the future as panelists touched on some exciting advances still to come!

The Launch

The new Dell In-Memory Appliance for Cloudera Enterprise is a purpose built, turnkey data platform, that helps customers analyze the large amount of data streaming from connected devices and machines with embedded sensors. You can learn more Dell Big Data Blog


Joey Jablonski gives a fast overview to the ease of implementation for the three Dell Big Data Hadoop solution opportunities

Armando Acosta introduces the Dell In-Memory Appliance for Cloudera Enterprise with Apache Spark

Curtis Hutcheson talks to the advantages Dell drives for their customers

Guy Harrison gives an overview of the Dell Software Group

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