Intel unite introduction

Intel unite introduction

1 Introduction

Audience: The purpose of this article is to help IT administrators to deploy the Intel Unite® ecosystem components (Server and Client applications) into existing enterprise network infrastructure using Dell OptiPlex 9020 micro, 7040 micro, or 7050 micro desktop computers as Intel Unite® display hubs.
Solution overview: Intel Unite® is a conferencing technology that utilizes Dell OptiPlex micro PCs to provide IT-managed conference room capabilities. The primary goal of the initial release is to provide a secure wireless connection to conference room displays for domain-joined users. The Intel Unite® ecosystem utilizes several individually installed components to establish a secure connection between users PC’s and the conference room display equipment.

1.1 What does Intel Unite do?

Traditional conference rooms without Intel Unite®
In a traditional conference room, meeting attendees connect a projector cable to their devices to present content. If more than one presenter wants to share content in a meeting, the projector cable must be passed to each presenter individually.

Figure 1: Conference Room

Intel Conference room with Intel Unite®

Intel Unite® allows meeting attendees to connect their Client devices to a conference room projector wirelessly using the local wireless network, through an Intel Unite® Hub installed with the projector. Intel Unite® software is designed to allow fast wireless screen sharing and collaboration in 3 easy steps:

1. Launch the Intel Unite® Client Application
2. Enter a PIN, displayed by the Intel Unite® conference room Hub, to connect to a specific session
3. Click Present Screen or Present Application to share content

Figure 2: Unite Conference Room

Intel Unite® allows presenters to switch content seamlessly, and more than one presenter can present simultaneously (up to 4).
Figure 3: Unite Conference Room

Intel Unite® also allows remotely authorized domain-joined meeting attendees to participate in meetings from outside the local network.

Figure 4: Local Conference Room

1.2 Where Do I Start?

1. Review the Standalone Mode vs. Enterprise Mode page to determine which mode best suits your company’s conference area needs.
2. Review the Intel Unite® Deployment page, which includes a quick summary of setup steps, as well as Intel Unite® deployment documentation for both Standalone and Enterprise modes.
3. Optionally, you may also want to review the Dell OptiPlex Hub Setup guidelines to take advantage of additional Intel Unite® Hub security features offered by the Dell OptiPlex BIOS.

Also, please feel free to browse the Intel Unite® Info Page to learn more about the product, or find other related documentation.
To help with some of the terms used on these pages, you may want to refer to this Intel Unite® Terminology & Definitions reference page.

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