Dell OpenManage downloads explained

Dell OpenManage downloads explained

This page will help you understand the features of and the various components that make up the Dell OpenManage Systems Management suite. Below, the page also provides quick links to the latest OpenManage downloads from To learn more about OpenManage products visit the main OpenManage page on Dell TechCenter.

If you need help knowing which OpenManage solution works best for your needs, you can also consult the Dell Systems Management Advisor.

Openmanage Quick Download Links

The following links will help you get the latest versions of the OpenManage Tools.

Dell OpenManage Essentials (OME) - Management Console

Dell OpenManage Power Center (OMPC) - Power Monitoring Management Console

Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA)

Dell Server Update Utility (SUU)

Dell Systems Build and Update Utility (SBUU)

  • Systems Build and Update Utility (SBUU) 2.4

Dell Systems Service and Diagnostics Tools

Dell Repository Manager

OpenManage Product Descriptions

OpenManage Essentials (OME)

OME is a systems management console that provides simple, basic Dell hardware management and is available as a free download. The product officially launched on Feb 28th, 2012 and it will replace Dell IT Assistant (ITA). Click here for OME improvements over ITA 8.9.

For complete information about OME including download links, visit

Dell IT Assistant (ITA)

Update 12/02/2011 - ITA is being replaced by OpenManage Essentials. Last release version is ITA 8.9.1

OpenManage Server Administrator Managed Node (OMSA)

OMSA is a software agent that allows for management and administration of local and remote systems. Server Administrator resides on the system being managed and is accessible both locally and remotely from the Server Administrator home page in ITA/OME. If you read OpenManage 101, you know that you will either need to install OMSA on your managed server or have an iDRAC installed in the server for it to be discovered by OME.

The Dell OpenManage offline bundle and VIB (Virtual Install Bundle) allows for OMSA to run on a VMware hypervisor. The OpenManage VIB package can be injected into an ESXi ISO install image. To know more about OMSA, refer

Dell Systems Build and Update Utility (SBUU)

The Dell Systems Build and Update Utility is a bootable utility that allows for a single server Operating System install, pre-OS firmware updates and pre-OS system configuration. On 11G servers and newer, SBUU is replaced by the Unified Server Configurator (USC), whch is a component of Lifecycle Controller that can be accessed by pressing F10 during post / BIOS boot.

Systems Service and Diagnostics Tools

The Dell Systems Service and DiagnosticTools DVD provides operating system level diagnostics and software components to detect and help resolve hardware issues. It enables user to perform system troubleshooting using Dell Online Diagnostics and provides utilities for installing the latest drivers.

Dell Systems Management Tools and Documentation

A 2 DVD all-in-one set that includes all of the OpenManage tools mentioned above including the following: Dell Systems Build and Update Utility, the IT Assistant console, the OpenManage Server Administrator agent, Systems Service and Diagnostics Tools and Systems Documentation. These two files must be merged / concatenated - directions on how to do this can be found under "Installation Instructions" on the download page.

Dell Repository Manager

Repository Manager is an application that allows IT Admins more easily manage system updates. Repository Manager provides an easy to use, searchable interface used to create custom collections known as bundles and repositories of Dell Update Packages (DUPs).

Dell Management Plug-in for VMware vCenter

The Dell Management Plug-in for VMware vCenter is designed to streamline the management processes in your data center environment by allowing you to use VMware vCenter to manage your entire infrastructure- both physical and virtual. From firmware updates to bare metal deployment, the Dell Management Plug-In for VMware vCenter will expand and enrich your data center management experience with Dell PowerEdge servers.

For full information, visit

Historic OpenManage Download Links

OpenManage 7.0

OpenManage 6.5

Older Versions of OpenManage

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