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The Dell Remote Access Controller 6 (iDRAC6, the i stands for integrated) is Dell designed hardware that provides advanced agentless systems management functionality.

The iDRAC6 operates independently from the server’s CPU and operating system. The iDRAC6 functions even if the server is powered off, no operating system is installed, or the operating system is inoperable. This capability makes iDRAC6 a mainstay in remotely managed data centers and distant offices where remote desktop applications (such as RDP) are not sufficient due to their dependency on a running operating system.

The iDRAC6 alerts administrators to server warnings and failures, enables remote server management and allows for remote power on / off and provides server power monitoring and budgeting features. iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller technology, enables administrators to also manage the iDRAC via command line and perform system firmware backups to embedded storage on the iDRAC.

Quick References

iDRAC6 User Guides and Manuals
RACADM CLI reference for iDRAC6 (PDF)
iDRAC7 Home

Table 1: Quick refrence

Dell Remote Access Controller Downloads

LC1 - iDRAC6 FW Matrix

LC 1 Version iDRAC6 Monolithic FW Version iDRAC6 Blade FW Version
1.6.5 (Download) 1.98 (Download) 3.65 (Download)
1.6.5 1.97 (Download) 3.60 (Download)
1.6.0 1.95 (Download) 3.50 (Download)
1.6.0 1.95 (Download) 3.45 (Download)
1.5.5 1.9 (Download) 3.4 (Download)
1.5.2 1.8 (Download) 3.35 (Download)
1.5.0 1.6 (Download) 3.2 (Download)
1.4.0 1.5 (Download) 3.0 (Download)
1.3.0 1.3 (Download) 2.2 (Download)
1.2.0 1.2 (Download) 2.1 (Download)
1.0.0 1.0 (Download) 2.0 (Download)

Table 2: iDRAC6 FW version

The current versions of the Dell Remote Access Controller are listed above:

Newest Features for v1.8

  • Enabled iDRAC support for new CPUs and memory DIMMs
  • Added RACADM "getLED" command support

Newest Features for v1.7

  • Firefox 3.6 support
  • Hardware and firmware inventory
  • Faster Web GUI performance
  • Option to add User Work Notes in logs
  • Virtual Console can now be launched without Active Directory or Single Sign-On (from https://mydrac/console )

iDRAC6 White Papers

Dell EMC iDRAC Response to Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures CVE-2018-1212 (March 2018)
Configuring iDRAC6 for Directory Services
Public Key Infrastructure in iDRAC6
iDRAC6 Security
Using vFlash
Lifecycle Controller 1.x white papers

Table 3: iDRAC White Papers

iDRAC6 Video Demos

iDRAC6 Remote / Web GUI - v1.7 monolithic / v3.2 modular
iDRAC6 Upgrade through the firmware interface
Video interview about the iDRAC6

Table 4: iDRAC6

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