ASM Faster and More Efficient than Cisco Solution

ASM Faster and More Efficient than Cisco Solution

Faster, Easier, and More Efficient

A new test report from the technology assessment firm Principled Technologies shows that Active System Manager, Dell's unified management and automation product, is easier to use than a Cisco UCS management solution consisting of UCS Manager and UCS Director, and requires less time and effort to deploy infrastructure.

Specifically, the tests showed that you can install ASM, configure the physical infrastructure, and deploy a ready-to-host virtual cluster in 80% less time than with the Cisco solution, and with 71% fewer steps! And do it with a per-node licensing cost that is 95% less expensive, resulting in a significantly higher value.

Plus, the independent testing showed that once you have deployed a cluster, you can deploy a new IT service from an ASM template with just 6 steps and about 25 seconds of hands-on administrator time!

Please click below for an infographic that summarizes these results, and for the test report that shows all the details.



Figure 1: Infographic

Test Report:

Test Report

Figure 2: Test Report

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