OpenManage Essentials MIB Import Utility

OpenManage Essentials MIB Import Utility

OpenManage Essentials MIB Import Utility
Figure 1: OpenManage Essentials MIB Import Utility

OpenManage Essentials MIB Import Utility

Figure 2: OpenManage Essentials MIB add Trab

Why do I want to use this tool?

OpenManage Essentials provides support for formatting hardware alerts (i.e., SNMP traps) for most Dell enterprise hardware. If you want to monitor non-Dell devices, you can use the OpenManage Essentials MIB Import Utility to define new alerts for OpenManage Essentials. Defining alerts enables OpenManage Essentials to monitor a wider range of hardware and to set up email and forwarding rules for these devices. The MIB Import Utility is an optional tool that is only required if you want to add support for formatting alerts received from third-party devices.

The details:

Dell OpenManage Essentials MIB Import Utility enables you to extract trap definitions from SMIv1 or SMIv2 management information base (MIB) files. The extracted traps can be viewed and edited before importing them to OpenManage Essentials. This tool also enables you to manually define and manage traps. Using the imported and manually-managed trap definitions, OpenManage Essentials classifies the incoming trap from a specific device as expected.

If you want to monitor (classify incoming SNMP traps) a SNMP supported device that is not currently supported by OpenManage Essentials, use MIB Import Utility to import or manually define that device’s SNMP trap definitions for OpenManage Essentials.

Please review the readme file after you install this tool. The readme also provides a list of some of

the MIBs that have been tested using this tool. Feel free to post updates on the DTC/OME forum including MIBs that you have imported using this tool. Your posts would be of help to the community.

Understandably, all MIBs are different and not all MIBs adhere to the specifications. This tool tries to accommodate these differences, but if you notice any issues with a MIB you are trying to import, post a question on the OpenManage Essentials forum.

Ensure the following before using this utility:

  • The remote device supports SNMP (v1/v2) protocol.
  • SNMP services on the remote device are working fine and trap destination point to
  • the OME system.
  • You have the device specific SNMP MIB files (main MIB and its reference MIBs).
  • Validate these specific MIB(s) using a standard MIB compiler tool.
Note: From OpenManage Essentials version 2.2 onwards, the MIB Import functionality is integrated within the OpenManage Essentials user interface.

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Youtube Video 1:
MIBImport Utility Overview

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Adding a trap definition

Youtube Video 3: Deleting a trap definition

Youtube Video 4: Editing a trap definition

Youtybe Video 5: Reverting a trap definition

For more information about OpenManage Essentials, go to OpenManage Essentials

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