High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing

General HPC

Technical communications from the engineering team at the Dell EMC HPC and AI Innovation Lab

General HPC

Compute and Interconnects

Sep-2018 NAMD Performance on PowerEdge R740 with Volta GPUs
Sep-2018 AMD EPYC – STREAM, HPL, InfiniBand, and WRF Performance Study
Jan-2018 Skylake Memory Study
Sep-2017 14G with Skylake How much better for HPC
Sep-2017 HPCG Performance study with Intel Skylake processors
Aug-2017 Performance study of four Socket PowerEdge R940 Server with Intel Skylake processors
Aug-2017 NAMD Performance Analysis on Skylake Architecture
Aug-2017 LAMMPS Four Node Comparative Performance Analysis on Skylake Processors
Aug-2017 BIOS characterization for HPC with Intel Skylake processor
Jul-2017 DellEMC HPC System-SKY is the limit
Sep-2016 HPC Benchmarks and Applications Performance Study on Broadwell
Jun-2016 Introducing 100GBps with Intel Omni-Path
Jun-2016 Dell HPC Omni-Path Fabric- Supported Architecture and Application Study
Apr-2016 New vs. Old- Comparing Broadwell performance for CAE Applications across generations
Apr-2016 Impact of Broadwell BIOS Options On CAE Applications
Apr-2016 Measuring Performance of Intel Broadwell-EP Processors with WRF and NAMD Applications
Mar-2016 Measuring Performance of Intel Broadwell Processors with High Performance Computing Benchmarks
Feb-2016 Need for Speed - Comparing FDR and EDR InfiniBand Part 2
Feb-2016 Need for Speed- Comparing FDR and EDR InfiniBand -Part 1
Sep-2015 BIOS tuning for HPC on 13th Generation Haswell servers
Sep-2015 Application Performance Study on Intel Haswell EX Processors
Sep-2015 Optimal BIOS settings for HPC with Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers
Sep-2014 New 13G servers – what’s new and how much better are they for HPC
Jul-2014 Comparing Sandy Bridge vs. Ivy Bridge processors for HPC applications
Jul-2014 Eeny Meeny Miney Mo, should I go with 20 cores
Oct-2014 Comparing Haswell processor models for HPC applications
May-2014 HPC Application Performance Study on 4S Servers
Nov-2013 HPC Performance Comparison of Intel Xeon E5-2600 and E5-2600 v2 Series Processors
Oct-2013 Dell HPC Solution Refresh Intel Xeon Ivy Bridge-EP, 1866 DDR3 memory and RHEL 6
Apr-2013 Deploy a PowerEdge M420 Cluster in a M1000e Chassis with a single Force10 MXL Switch
Oct-2012 Unbalanced Memory Performance

Application Accelerators

Deep Learning


Life Sciences


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