High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing

General HPC

Technical communications from the engineering team at the Dell EMC HPC and AI Innovation Lab are available on this page.

General HPC

Jun-2018 Collaboration Showcase Dell EMC, TACC and Intel
Feb-2018 Performance of LS-DYNA on Singularity Containers
Jan-2018 Design Principles for HPC
Oct-2017 Containerizing HPC Applications with Singularity
Feb-2017 Entering a New Arena in Computing
Dec-2015 Dell HPC General Computing – Configuration and Supported Architecture with Dell PowerEdge 13th Generation Servers
Aug-2015 Integrating hooks and tools for better manageability of HPC Cluster
Mar-2015 The Elephant in the room
Jul-2014 HPC in an OpenStack Environment

Compute and Interconnects

Sep-2018 AMD EPYC – STREAM, HPL, InfiniBand, and WRF Performance Study
Jan-2018 Skylake Memory Study
Sep-2017 14G with Skylake How much better for HPC
Sep-2017 HPCG Performance study with Intel Skylake processors
Aug-2017 Performance study of four Socket PowerEdge R940 Server with Intel Skylake processors
Aug-2017 NAMD Performance Analysis on Skylake Architecture
Aug-2017 LAMMPS Four Node Comparative Performance Analysis on Skylake Processors
Aug-2017 BIOS characterization for HPC with Intel Skylake processor
Jul-2017 DellEMC HPC System-SKY is the limit
Sep-2016 HPC Benchmarks and Applications Performance Study on Broadwell
Jun-2016 Introducing 100GBps with Intel Omni-Path
Jun-2016 Dell HPC Omni-Path Fabric- Supported Architecture and Application Study
Apr-2016 New vs. Old- Comparing Broadwell performance for CAE Applications across generations
Apr-2016 Impact of Broadwell BIOS Options On CAE Applications
Apr-2016 Measuring Performance of Intel Broadwell-EP Processors with WRF and NAMD Applications
Mar-2016 Measuring Performance of Intel Broadwell Processors with High Performance Computing Benchmarks
Feb-2016 Need for Speed - Comparing FDR and EDR InfiniBand Part 2
Feb-2016 Need for Speed- Comparing FDR and EDR InfiniBand -Part 1
Sep-2015 BIOS tuning for HPC on 13th Generation Haswell servers
Sep-2015 Application Performance Study on Intel Haswell EX Processors
Sep-2015 Optimal BIOS settings for HPC with Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers
Sep-2014 New 13G servers – what’s new and how much better are they for HPC
Jul-2014 Comparing Sandy Bridge vs. Ivy Bridge processors for HPC applications
Jul-2014 Eeny Meeny Miney Mo, should I go with 20 cores
Oct-2014 Comparing Haswell processor models for HPC applications
May-2014 HPC Application Performance Study on 4S Servers
Nov-2013 HPC Performance Comparison of Intel Xeon E5-2600 and E5-2600 v2 Series Processors
Oct-2013 Dell HPC Solution Refresh Intel Xeon Ivy Bridge-EP, 1866 DDR3 memory and RHEL 6
Apr-2013 Deploy a PowerEdge M420 Cluster in a M1000e Chassis with a single Force10 MXL Switch
Oct-2012 Unbalanced Memory Performance

Application Accelerators

Deep Learning


Life Sciences


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