Consolidated management and cross-platform replication with PS Series version 9 firmware

Consolidated management and cross-platform replication with PS Series version 9 firmware

Written by Chuck Farah, Dell Storage Engineering

I am pleased to announce some very exciting updates to the PS Series suite of capabilities. This latest firmware enhancement includes new features designed to improve protection, consolidation and management of Dell Storage, including:

Dell Storage Manager (DSM): A new centralized management GUI that is a core component of the Dell Storage PS Series and SC Series architecture.

Cross-platform replication: Allows replication between PS Series and SC Series storage.

IPv6 management support: Expands IPv6 support to the dedicated management ports of a PS Series group, allowing for management access even if the SAN links or lead member goes down.

Figure 1: IPv6 management support

Centralized management with Dell Storage Manager

Dell Storage Manager allows you to monitor, manage and analyze SC Series, PS Series and FluidFS clusters (on SC Series storage) from a centralized management console. The Storage Manager Data Collector stores data and alerts gathered from the SC Series and PS Series to an external database or an embedded database. Dell Storage clients connect to the Data Collector to perform monitoring and administrative tasks. The new firmware allows PS Series arrays to be included in the Dell Storage Manager for basic day-to-day operations, as well as cross-platform replication between PS Series and SC Series arrays.

Watch these Dell Storage Manager videos for more information.

Expanded Dell Storage protection with cross-platform replication

Cross-platform replication allows data to be copied between PS Series and SC Series storage for disaster recovery and data mobility. Enabled through Dell Storage Manager, this feature provides expanded protection of critical customer assets. It supports asynchronous iSCSI replication which can tolerate longer distances and latency. This feature is ideal for sites with moderate RPOs and RTOs, such as social media platforms, blogs, wikis or video-sharing sites as well as cloud storage applications.

Monitoring and management of cross-platform replication are provided through the Dell Storage Manager GUI, as shown here.

Figure 2: Dell Storage Manager GUI

While the PS Series Group Manager GUI is still available, cross-platform replication must be configured and managed through the Dell Storage Manager.

Watch these cross-platform replication videos, check out the cross-platform replication solutions guide, and review the PS and SC Series release notes for more information.

Now IPv6 may be configured for management well-known addresses (MWKA)

For some time, PS Series arrays have supported IPv6 for data traffic. Now with PS Series firmware version 9, IPv6 management well-known address (MWKA) is supported. It enables management access to the PS Series group, even if the group links or lead member goes down.

In addition, both IPv4 and IPv6 management addresses may be configured on the same system if the members are at version 9 or higher. The IPv6 MWKA feature is available through the PS Series CLI.

The Group Manager GUI will also display the IPv6 management address in the General Settings section for the Group configuration if configured.

Read this IPv6 with PS Series storage white paper to learn more.


The PS Series family continues to improve on the all-inclusive advanced suite of functionality with the release of firmware version 9. Arguably the most exciting offering is the new capability to provide replication between Dell Storage PS and SC Series platforms while consolidating user interfaces into a single pane of glass for cross-platform replication and day-to-day operations. The release of PS Series firmware version 9 continues the advancement of storage technologies from Dell and confirms the long-term vision to simplify and protect those investments. Also, be sure to check out the latest materials referenced in this blog for more information.

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