Dell and the Software Defined Network

Dell and the Software Defined Network

IT organizations have taken advantage of open ecosystems ever since proprietary mainframe architectures and tools gave way to client-server architectures. The networking industry today though looks much like the mainframe computing market of 40 years ago, with a small number of industry players producing vertically-integrated solutions where both software and hardware are single-sourced. This practice has led to a proprietary "black-box" industry culture in which innovations are stifled, leaving companies overly dependent and locked into a single networking vendor. These solutions are overly expensive and inflexible, lacking the agility to meet the demands of today’s application deployment and management.

Dell provides customers a unique approach to the new paradigm of Software Defined Networking (SDN) through disaggregation. Disaggregation brings customers flexibility, choice, and innovation. This is accomplished in three ways: disaggregation of operating system and hardware; disaggregation of virtual networking and physical networking; and disaggregation of the control plane and data plane. Through disaggregation, customers are able to build more agile networks with significant capex and opex savings. Dell simplifies the overall network and opens the architecture to allow customer choice across the entire networking infrastructure – building highly reliable, flexible, customer centric solutions.

Figure 1: Dell Software Defined Networking

Disaggregating the operating system and hardware

The disaggregated model, which decouples switch hardware from the network operating system, is a further step in innovation on the software side. Traditional networking mirrors the server industry 15 years ago where the hardware, OS, and applications tended to be from a single vendor. This resulted in vendor lock in, added complexity to operate, reduced flexibility, and excessively high TCO.

Disaggregated networking hardware supports different network operating systems through use of the Open Network Install Environment (ONIE). This enables zero-touch installation of network operating systems onto open network switches. In addition to open standard hardware, a complete open networking ecosystem is growing, including off the shelf merchant silicon chips, and multiple operating systems such as Dell OS9, Cumulus Linux OS, Big Switch Light OS, IP Infusion OcNOS, and Pluribus Netvisor OS. This approach gives customers choice of the appropriate OS for their environment. It also gives customers flexibility and a range of options for controller overlays and orchestration tools.

Figure 2: Disaggregating the operating system and hardware


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Disaggregating virtual networking from physical networking

Network Virtualization Overlay (NVO) solutions offer one of the most simple and cost-effective paths to delivering the benefits of SDN for virtualized and private cloud solutions. Often for application provisioning in the data center, the network can be the major bottle neck for deployment often taking months for provisioning. NVOs are able to reduce provisioning of the network from months to days. They also offer non-disruptive deployment over existing physical networks as well as future deployments.

NVOs connect server hypervisors directly to other hypervisors via logical tunnels, enabling the creation of multiple virtual networks over one common physical network. Technologies like VXLAN and NVGRE are used for tackling issues with virtual networking. Leading cloud and virtualization suites, including Microsoft, VMware and OpenStack, are currently integrating the network overlay technology into their platforms. Dell’s open strategy for NVO compliments and strengthens the integrated network virtualization frameworks ensuring deep integration and strategic alignment.


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Disaggregating the control plane and data plane

Control plane solutions provide a separation of control and data planes by using a central control server to maintain networking protocols and databases and to program forwarding information directly into switch forwarding tables. Similar to NVOs, these allow centralized, automated control of the network, eliminating fragile and complex protocols and the manual, error-prone processes inherent to conventional networks.

Most controllers write to the OpenFlow protocol. Dell was among the earliest supporters of OpenFlow and provides an available option across our data center switches, where we have made significant innovations beyond basic standards compliance, including support for up to 160,000 flows on select hardware. Our open approach to SDN offers support for any standards-compliant OpenFlow controller on the market, providing customer choice and investment protection.
Figure 3: Disaggregating the control plane and data plane


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Dell SDN solutions deliver the industry’s most comprehensive breadth of next-generation networking solutions — providing a dynamic and adaptable framework with unprecedented investment protection. Active Fabric delivers a simple and powerful model that can empower enterprises to advance at their own pace, leveraging the power of software to deliver a new operational model that evolves with the pace of business.


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