Dell EMC Networking and VMware

Dell EMC Networking and VMware


Dell Networking and VMware Better Together

Dell and VMware strategic alliance is built on a long history of working together to build unique, integrated, industry-leading product and service solutions involving VMware® technology and Dell servers and storage that help customers to simplify their IT

Together, Dell and VMware have invested hundreds of thousands of hours in joint engineering, architectural design and solution validation to deliver integrated solutions with exceptional performance, reliability and simplified management.

Network Virtualization with Dell Infrastructure and VMware NSX

Learn about the benefits of network virtualization with VMware NSX on a reliable and proven Dell infrastructure including Dell servers, networking, and storage. With Dell networking providing a solid physical network underlay, we explore a completely converged infrastructure running VMware NSX network virtualization technology. The unique innovation VMware provides with NSX and the proven and complete end-to-end converged infrastructure Dell provides offers the best-of-class solution for Data Centers and Enterprises looking to save costs and increase productivity with this transformative technology.

Dell Networking: Multitenancy Across Physical and Logical Environments with VRF-lite and VMware NSX

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Logical Environmenmts with VRF-lite and Vmware

The Dell and VMware converged infrastructure solution

Dell worked closely with the VMware NSX team to deliver an end-to-end converged infrastructure solution that enables the flexibility to unify pools of virtualized and non-virtualized IT assets. Network virtualization with VMware’s NSX and Dell’s robust data center switching products provides the programmability, automation and cloud scalability to meet the needs of
today’s complex networks, and allow administrator to simplify operations and fully utilize the underlying network capacity.

Dell VMware Converged Infrastructure Solutions Brief.pdf

What is Dell Open Networking?

Dell Networking S-3048-ON, S4810-ON, S4048-ON, S6000-ON, and Z9100-ON switches offer an innovative disaggregated-hardware/software solution for data center networking. Based on our dependable, award-winning S-Series and Z-series switch hardware and featuring a choice of third-party OS and software options, these solutions give you the power to transform your network and accelerate data-center innovation with simplified, high-capacity network fabrics.

Designed to ease network fabric orchestration and automation, Dell Open Networking switch solutions are cost-effective, easy to deploy and provide a clear path to software-defined networking (SDN).

Open Networking Wiki

Dell Open Networking and VMware

To make such an ecosystem work requires a commitment to open networking—to a collection of networking tools built around standards. To that end, Dell is partnering with VMware and Cumulus Networks to redefine open networking for the software-defined data center by delivering VMware’s NSX™ network virtualization solution with Cumulus Linux™ OS on Dell networking switches.

More about Dell Open Networking

Unlocking the Open Networking Ecosystem with Dell VMware Cumulus Solutions Brief.pdf

Dell S6000 and VMware NSX

Dell and VMware have created a software-defined networking solution to meet todays east-to-west traffic challenges.

One example is the work Dell has done to support VMware’s NSX network virtualization platform for vCenter deployments. Dell’s new S6000 switch offers two-way integration with NSX (as well as supporting controller and programmatic deployments).
Dell S6000 Networking Wiki

YouTube Video 2: Dell S6000 Networking Wiki

Software-Defined Networks

The move to SDN is being driven by the need of data center administrators to
capably respond to today’s demands, such as integrating bring-your-own-device
(BYOD) programs with existing systems. Until recently, networking solutions have
been proprietary, vertically integrated and hierarchical. This structure has
placed handcuffs on IT’s ability to innovate its own solutions, and leads to
vendor lock-in.

Dell and SDN Wiki

Active Fabric Manager

Dell Active Fabric Manager (AFM) 2.0 provides simplified configuration, management and monitoring of Dell Active Fabric leaf and spine elements. With AFM 2.0, Dell will be introducing command line interface functionality for VMware vSphere® Distributed Switch allowing customers to now configure both physical and virtual fabric switches with common design templates and industry-standard command line syntax.

YouTube Video 3: Dell Active Fabric

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