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Do the demo!

Do you want to close more EqualLogic Storage deals?!? Learn to deliver an effective demo and gain access to Dell Demo Center to deliver them remotely when needed. Here’s what one of Dell’s Channel Solution Specialists says about the effectiveness of delivering an EqualLogic demo:

"If we do a demo strategically (that is addressing the customer’s pain points and meeting their budget), we have a 75% chance of winning the deal. If we do not do a demo, that number drops to 15%."

- Jack Lon Chen, Dell Senior Solution Specialist

The new EqualLogic PS Series Demo Training (EQDT0913WBTT) course will show you how to demonstrate the ease of use of the EqualLogic array by:

  • Creating a volume and mount the volume using the single Group IP address
  • Using Access Control Lists (ACLs)
  • Extending a volume as needed without taking it off-line
  • Creating a snapshot and snapshot schedule
  • Creating automatic notifications
  • Demonstrating ease of management by exploring the real-time GUI

The course also includes instruction on how to deliver a Sales level and a Technical level whiteboard to clarify the EqualLogic competitive differentiators for your customers.

You can learn how to deliver an effective EqualLogic demo, just like Dell Sales Engineers and Solution Specialists by taking EqualLogic PS Series Demo Training.Follow this direct link to the course and be sure to check out the other 100 plus trainings available to you on the PartnerDirect portal.

Do the demo!

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