Double take availability with VMware & MD3200i

Double take availability with VMware & MD3200i

Double-Take Availability provides affordable data protection, ensures minimal data loss and enables immediate recovery from any system outage.

In the following demos we show the ability to easily protect and migrate VM's and physical servers with Double-Take Availability. In our lab setup we have a Dell PowerEdge R710 server connected to an existing Dell PowerVault MD3000i on our existing iSCSI network, the red line below in the diagram. We then installed a new iSCSI network with the Dell PowerVault MD3200i and a Dell PowerEdge R910. In the first half of the demo we use Double-Take Availability to protect DT-VM1 on the existing iSCSI SAN with the MD3000i and replicate it to the Dell PowerEdge R910 using a new LUN on the MD3200i.

In this demo we used one VMware vSphere environment managed by a single vCenter server, but this could also take place across different vSphere environments even over a WAN connection.

The second half of the Double-Take demo shows the workload migration of a physical server (DennisServerA) to a VM on the R910 using the Dell PowerVault MD3200i.

The first demo below shows some of the new features of the Dell PowerVault MD3200i and how easy it is to create and connect a LUN to VMware ESX on the Dell PowerEdge R910.

Using Double-Take Availability you can easily migrate from existing iSCSI, fibre channel, or direct attached storage to the Dell PowerVault MD3200i with very little downtime.


Double-Take Availability with VMware and PowerVault MD3200i Diagrame
Figure 1: Double Take Availability with VMware & MD3200i


New Features of the Dell PowerVault MD3200i iSCSI Storage array and connecting a LUN to VMware ESX 4.

*NOTE*: This demo was created before the release of ESX 4.1 which is the officially supported version for the MD3200i - ESX 4.0 is NOT officially supported, but was used in the lab for the creation of the demo.

Double-Take Availability on Dell PowerEdge R910 with VMware ESX 4

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Double Take Availability with VMware & MD3200i
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