Linux White Papers

Linux White Papers

Linux engineers at Dell routinely publish white papers on Linux technologies, some of which have made significant impacts in the Linux community.

Dell's quarterly Power Solutions is free and is a great resource for white papers on enterprise related topics.
Linux White Papers PowerSolutions is available in an RSS feed.


Setting up iSCSI Multipath in Ubuntu 12.04

By Jose De la Rosa

Deploying Workloads with Juju and MAAS in Ubuntu 13.04

By Kent Baxley and Jose De la Rosa

Linux Block Caching Choices in Stable Upstream Kernel

By Ahmad Ali and Charles Rose


Migrating from Conventional Device Names to Consistent Device Names for Ethernet Devices in Red Hat Enterprise Linux v6
By Charles Rose and Narendra K

Consistent Device Naming in Linux
By Narendra K

Linux Software RAID Volumes with PCIe-SSD
By Jose De la Rosa and Jordan Hargrave

KVM Virtualization in RHEL 6 Made Easy Part 2
By Jose De la Rosa


KVM Virtualization in RHEL 6 Made Easy
By Jose De la Rosa

WBEM Based Management in Linux
By Praveen Paladugu


Tips for using PXE with UEFI
By Stuart Hayes


Linux Enumeration of NICs v4 (Includes section for SLES 11)
By Matt Domsch and Narendra K


Xen Virtualization in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
By Jose De la Rosa and Puneet Dhawan
Linux Device Naming
By Matt Domsch and Ahmad Ali

Upgrading BIOS and Firmware on Linux-based Systems with Firmware-tools
By Matt Domsch and Michael E. Brown


Configuring Linux to Enable Multipath I/O
By Tesfamarian Michael, Rezwanul Kabir, Joshua Giles and John Hull

Automated Deployment of Novell SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 on Dell PowerEdge Servers
By Anoop K. and John Hull


Enabling Demand-Based Switching in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 on Dell PowerEdge Servers
By Jordan Hargrave


Harnessing PXE Boot Services in Linux Environments
By John Hull, Robert Hentosh and Rogelio Noriega

Simplifying Linux Management with Dynamic Kernel Module Support
By Gary Lerhaupt and Matt Domsch

Configuring and Managing Software RAID with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3
By John Hull and Steve Boley


Expanding Storage on Linux-based Servers
By Matt Domsch and Tesfamariam Michael

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