Intel Unite Features by Version

Intel Unite Features by Version

Intel Unite® Features (Versions: 1, 2, 3, 3MR, and 3.1)



Version introduced
Wireless Display Users can connect to a session and display their screen, no cables needed, only a PIN 1
Multi-client split screen display Multiple users can connect and share concurrently to the same monitor (Up to 4 split screen view) 1
Skype for Business Status Integration Intel Unite® will set a user's status to "Do Not Disturb" when the user is presenting, disabling toast messages; in addition it will display "Presenting with Intel® Unite™" 1
Interactive Participant List Users can see all users connected to the same session 1
Presenter View A user has the ability to view the screen of the current presenter(s) 1
Annotation When viewing a presentation, users can create annotations on the presenter’s display, which will disappear after 5 seconds or remain permanently, depending on the configuration selected 1
File Transfer (Send File) Users can send and receive files during sessions 1
Remote View A user has the ability to view the screen of the current presenter (Enterprise version only) 1
Connection consent This is a configurable option to allow a user to accept or deny 1
Fast mouse cursor When a user is sharing their local display, the mouse sprite that appears on the remote display will appear large, and will move real time. This is intended to give the presenter an obvious virtual pointer. When the local mouse cursor is hidden, the fast cursor will also be hidden. 1
Admin Webpage For IT management. Portal provides ‘one stop shop’ management to Monitor and alert based on groups 1
Application Sharing A presenter will be able to select which application window to display on the Intel Unite® hub. A presenter can keep the rest of their screen private, even if an application covers the content window being shared. 2
Extended display Intel Unite® can now take advantage of multiple monitors, allowing a presenter to share a secondary display. Intel Unite® can also create a virtual extended display, allowing presenters to extend or duplicate their main desktop for presentations. 2
Auto disconnect This feature will help the user by making intelligent decisions on when to auto-disconnect. In this version, a user will be automatically disconnected during lid close and power button press events. 2
Video playback with audio support Users have the ability to present their desktop with full audio and video.

The audio and video streaming feature allows in room attendees to view movies or video clips during presentations and is available only when you share the display.

Up to 1080p at 20-30fps.

For in-room participants only.
Scheduled meetings Scheduled meetings integrates PIN scheduling allowing users to book a given room with Intel Unite® and create a shortcut URL to the meeting invite, providing a convenient way to include an Intel Unite® meeting in invites or to forward along to missed attendees who need to join Intel Unite® meeting. 3
Meeting lock Meeting Lock allows an Intel® Unite™ meeting to be "locked" preventing additional attendees from joining a given session. The meeting can be unlocked by meeting participants. Presenters receive that additional confidence that sensitive content is not being displayed or viewed by unknown participants. 3
Protected Guest Access Plugin This feature allows a Guest Client device to connect to a Hub without the need to be on the same Enterprise network. 3
Skype for Business Plugin A plugin that provides integration between the Intel Unite® solution and Skype for Business.

It enables you to bridge Skype for Business and Intel Unite® meetings by allowing the Intel Unite® hub to join the Skype meeting. When a user shares via Skype, it will be displayed on the hub. When users share via Intel Unite®, the hub will share the content to the Skype meeting.
SHA2 certificate Upgraded security to accept only SHA2 or greater certificates. The Intel® Unite™ solution validates the certificates received from the Enterprise Server when checking in. In version 1 and 2, SHA1 certificates were allowed, however, due to increased security the Intel Unite® solution will no longer allow SHA1 certificates. 3
Apple*iPad app Available from the Apple App store, the Intel Unite iPad app will allow users to connect to an Intel Unite meeting and view content being presented, annotate and use supported plugins. The iPad must be connected to the same business network Intel Unite used, or connected via VPN to have visibility to see and connect to the Intel Unite solution. 3
Plugin for IT Telemetry Gather and report usage date for conference rooms equipped with Intel Unite®, including room utilization, usage patters, and meeting behaviors. IT managers can export raw data and create custom reporting of room utilization. 3MR
iOS iPad Present Mode Available in the Apple App store, the Intel Unite® iPad app will now provide functionality to present content through iPad Intel Unite® app. The iPad as the Windows and MAC clients must be connected to the same network as the Intel Unite® HUB, or connected via VPN to connect to the Intel Unite® HUB. 3.1
Android Table App Available in the google Play store, the Intel Unite® Android app will allow tablets operating the Android OS to connect to an Intel Unite® meeting, view content, annotate and use supported plugins. The tables as the Windows and MAC clients must be connect to the same network as the Intel Unite® HUB, or connected via VPN to connect to the Intel Unite® HUB. 3.1
Moderator Identification & Control Available on Enterprise only this feature provides configurable profile management for meeting space hubs, open (no moderator), mixed (open until moderator assigned), or strict (moderator required) hub settings. Moderators can authenticate themselves upon meeting join and control and assign roles to their meeting participants including permissions to join meeting, present, annotate or share files and plugin access. This feature is great for EDU and Corporate training facilities. 3.1
Static PIN Available on Enterprise only meetings will now provide a static pin number for the duration of each meeting, simplifying workflow to join a meeting. Alternative options allow IT to present PIN code, hide PIN and/ore prevent any devices from viewing PIN. 3.1
Client App for Chromebooks Provides full Intel Unite® client app functionality to Chromebook users to connect, view and present content with Intel Unite®. Chromebook as with Windows and MAC clients must be connected to the same network as the Intel Unite HUB, or connected via VPN to connect to the Intel Unite® HUB. 3.1

Table 1: Intel Unite Features by Version

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