Intel Unite v3 Features

Intel Unite v3 Features

  • Intel® Unite™ v3 - Features

Feature Description
Video playback with audio support

Users have the ability to present their desktop with full audio and video.

The audio and video streaming feature allows in room attendees to view movies or video clips during presentations and is available only when you share the display.

Up to 1080p at 20-30fps.

For in-room participants only.

Mode: "Enterprise" and "Standalone"

Scheduled meetings

Scheduled meetings integrates PIN scheduling, allowing users to book a given room with Intel Unite® and create a shortcut URL to the meeting invite, providing a convenient way to include an Intel Unite® meeting in invites or to forward along to missed attendees who need to join an Intel Unite® meeting.

Mode: "Enterprise" users only.

Meeting lock

Meeting Lock allows an Intel Unite® meeting to be "locked" preventing additional attendees from joining a given session. The meeting can be unlocked by meeting participants. Presenters receive that additional confidence that sensitive content is not being displayed or viewed by unknown participants.

Mode: "Enterprise" and "Standalone"

Protected Guest Access Plugin

(Enabled through a Plugin)

This feature allows a Guest Client device to connect to a Hub without the need to be on the same Enterprise network.

Mode: "Enterprise" and "Standalone"

Skype for Business Plugin

(Enabled through a Plugin)

A plugin that provides integration between the Intel Unite® solution and Skype for Business.

It enables you to bridge Skype for Business and Intel Unite® meetings by allowing the Intel Unite® hub to join the Skype meeting. When a user shares via Skype, it will be displayed on the hub. When users share via Intel Unite®, the hub will share the content to the Skype meeting.

Mode: "Enterprise" and "Standalone"

Table 1: Video Playback with audio support

Security Upgrade

SHA2 certificate

Upgraded security to accept only SHA2 or greater certificates. The Intel Unite® solution validates the certificates received from the Enterprise Server when checking in. In version 1 and 2, SHA1 certificates were allowed, however, due to increased security the Intel Unite® solution will no longer allow SHA1 certificates.

Mode: "Enterprise"

Table 2: SHA2 certficate

iPad Support

Apple*iPad app

Available from the Apple App store, the Intel Unite iPad app will allow users to connect to an Intel Unite® meeting and view content being presented, annotate and use supported plugins. The iPad must be connected to the same business network Intel Unite used, or connected via VPN to have visibility to see and connect to the Intel Unite solution.

Link to download the iPad app

Mode: "Enterprise" and "Standalone"

Table 3: Apple*iPad app
  • Version 3 - Features in Details

Video playback with audio support

The audio and video streaming feature allows in room attendees to view movies or video clips during presentations and it is available only when you share the display.

If this feature has been enabled by your IT administrator, a speaker button will be displayed after you click on Present Screen.

This button will allow you to mute or unmute your audio to the room.


  • Connect to the Intel Unite® application, click on Present Screen or select the display you want to use by clicking (…)

Figure 1: UniteHub

  • You can now share video content with accompanying audio

Figure 2: Itproadmin

  • The speaker button will allow you to mute or unmute your audio to the room with a simple click.
Note: the audio and video experience is only available if you are sharing your display and not when using the feature Present Application. To share video content, your client PC requires minimum a 3rd Gen Intel® Core processor running Windows* 7, 8.1 or 10.

For more details check Intel Guides

Enterprise User Guide***/support/us/en/documents/software/software-applications/Unite_3.0_User_Guide.pdf

Standalone Guide***/support/us/en/documents/software/software-applications/Unite_3.0_Standalone_User_Guide.pdf

Meeting Lock

This feature allows users to lock a session to prevent other Intel Unite® application users from joining and viewing the content being shared.

When a session is locked, no other Intel Unite® application users will be able to connect.

  • Once connected to the Intel Unite® application, click on the participant button to view the list of participants that have joined the session.
  • When ready to lock the session, move the toggle button to the On position. To unlock the session move the toggle button to the Off position.

The session can be locked or unlocked by any participant on the list at any time during the session.

Lock Session
Figure 3: Lock Session

  • When locking a session, the hub will display a "lock" icon next to the PIN and a toast message will appear for a few seconds indicating the session has been locked.

Download Client
Figure 4: Download Client

  • If a user join a locked session the following message will be displayed:

Attempting to join
Figure 5: Attempting to join

  • If the user chooses to reset the locked session, all the participants will be disconnected and the user resetting the session will be connected when accepting the Reset Confirmation.

Reset Confirmation
Figure 6: Reset Confirmation

  • All the participants connected to the locked session will receive a message indicating that another user has reset the session.

Reset and unlock
Figure 7: Reset and unlock

  • If a session is unlocked while you are presenting, content sharing will be stopped to avoid any Intel Unite® application users from being able to see the content until the content is shared again.

Schedule meeting

This feature, enabled through the Outlook Plugin allows users to schedule a session with Intel Unite® using Microsoft* Outlook, providing a convenient way to include a link to the meeting invitee. Users can connect to a pre-scheduled meeting without having to enter a PIN after a hub has been added to the meeting by the first meeting attendee.

To use this feature, the Intel Unite® plugin for Microsoft* Outlook has to be installed on your laptop.

See Appendix B of Enterprise User Guide for Intel Unite® plugin installation and usage instructions.

Mode: Enterprise only

Usage Flow:

  • Make use Intel Unite® client SW is installed on the client PC and Microsoft outlook
  • Run the file Intel Unite® Add-in for Microsoft® Outlook.msi.
  • Complete the installation.
  • Go to Outlook and in the ribbon window click on the new Intel Unite® Application Create Meeting.

Invite Attendees
Figure 8: Invite Attendees

The meeting created using the Scheduled Meetings functionality will look like this:

Intel Unite
Figure 9: Intel Unite

To join, click on the Join Intel Unite link in the meeting invitation. You will be directed to a virtual room. If you don’t see this window, someone else has already added the room display to the meeting.

Scheduled Meeting
Figure 10: Scheduled Meeting

If you are in the conference room, the room display can be added by clicking on the + sign and entering the PIN from the Hub display on the Host from Room Solution window.

Once the room has been added, everyone in the virtual lobby will join the session. To start the meeting, only one participant needs to add the room display.

Room Solution
Figure 11: Room Solution

You also have the option to host a meeting using your laptop as the main display by clicking on Host from My Device. To use this option, please note that you will need to have a PC with Intel® vPro™ technology.

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