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Dell EMC Microsoft storage spaces direct ready

Nodes - Sample Switch Configurations

Last Updated: 3/27/2018

For sample switch configurations that are validated with Dell EMC Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct Ready Nodes, see

The sample configurations in the archive are provided only as a reference. Please consult your networking team and modify these sample configurations before importing.

The zip archive includes:

Out of band switch sample configuration

- S3048-ON_OOB.config

Top of Rack switch sample configurations for Storage / Host management networks

RDMA over RoCE (Using Mellanox CX4 LX)

- S4048-1_RoCE.config

- S4048-2_RoCE.config

- S4148-1_RoCE.config

- S4148-2_RoCE.config

- S5058-1_RoCE.config

- S5058-2_RoCE.config

RDMA over iWARP (Using Qlogic 41262)

- S4048-1_iWARP.config

- S4048-2_iWARP.config

- S4148-1_iWARP.config

- S4148-2_iWARP.config

- S5048-1_iWARP.config

- S5048-2_iWARP.config

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Last Date Modified: 08/14/2018 08:13 AM

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