Dell PowerEdge: How to switch offline a hard disk using OpenManage Server Administrator

Dell PowerEdge: How to switch offline a hard disk using OpenManage Server Administrator

Note: This article is part of the Server Tutorials: "Raid and Disks" available here.

This article shows how to offline a specific hard disk drive (HDD) that belongs to a RAID member manually using OpenManage Server Administrator(OMSA). This procedure is useful to prepare a hard drive for removal.

The following steps are common in all Operating Systems.

Table of contents:
1. Offline via OMSA
2. Offline via Command Line Interface (CLI)

Offline via OMSA

  1. Log on to OMSA.
    Click Continue to this website if the security certificate warning message appeared.

  2. Expand Storage on the left tree menu and select Virtual Disks.

  3. Click the desired virtual disk name from the virtual disks list.
    In this step, Virtual Disk0 is selected as an example.

  4. Select Offline from available tasks menu on the physical disk to delete and click Execute.

  5. Read the caution message appeared and click Offline.

  6. Click OK on the message from web page box.

  7. Check if the selected physical disk status is now offline.

Offline via Command Line Interface(CLI)

OMSA must be installed on your system before you run the following steps.

  1. Open a Terminal (Linux) or DOS window (Windows).

  2. Run the command: omconfig storage pdisk action=offline controller=* pdisk=* (* will be the number).
    Run the command: omreport storage controller if you check the controller list.
    Example: Controller ID=0, desired physical disk ID=0:1:4
    omconfig storage pdisk action=offline controller=0 pdisk=0:1:4

    Important: It is important to select the good controller.

  3. "Command successful!" message appeares and the physical disk is now offline.

  4. Run the command: omreport storage pdisk controller=* pdisk=* to check the physical disk status now shows "Offline" (* will be the number).

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