Driver CABs understanding the delta reports

Driver CABs understanding the delta reports

The driver CABs are updated based on the release schedule and in response to customer requirements.

Now, customers can compare the previous and current versions of driver CAB and identify the change

using a delta report. For example, customers can verify if the current driver CAB contains all applicable

latest drivers’ support or not.

Delta Report is the report created by Dell engineers and is the basis for finding applicable, new, and

updated driver candidates for a driver CAB release. A delta report contains the following information:

  • Current driver CAB details and quick download link
  • Device driver support of previous driver CAB
  • Device driver support of current driver CAB
  • Highlights changes to device driver support of the current driver CAB compare to the previous driver CAB

Note: Device driver support of a CAB release is decided on various factors such as applicability of a

device to model, readiness of the driver operating system deployment, etc.

Like driver CAB releases, delta report release aligns with the release schedule. All new driver CAB

releases will have a delta report associated on Dell TechCenter site. Customers can navigate to

delta report by accessing links associated to a driver pack on the Driver CAB Homepage.

Understanding a delta report

Figure-1 Sample delta report highlighting key components/sections:


  1. Quick download link for the current driver CAB
  2. Quick link to Driver CABs Homepage
  3. Quick link to Understanding Delta Report
  4. Details of previous driver CAB
  5. Details of current driver CAB
  6. Displays the device/driver support by previous driver CAB
  7. Displays the device/driver support by the current driver CAB
  8. Highlights the incremental change in status to current driver support CAB compare to the previous driver CAB. The incremental status changes are categorized as:



No Change

Indicates that the device continues to support the current driver CAB and no updates were available for the device driver while building the driver CAB.


Indicates that either the device driver has been updated or new device support has been included in the current driver CAB.

Not Included

Indicates that device is not included because,

  • The device is no longer supported by the current driver CAB
  • The driver is not compatible to support OS deployment in either previous or current driver CABs

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