Installing Windows in your Alienware Computer

Installing Windows in your Alienware Computer

Installing Windows in your Alienware Computer

Table of Contents:

  1. Reasons to Reinstall the Operating System
  2. The installation process

This article provides you with the different options you have to install Windows in your Alienware computer.

1. Reasons to Reinstall the Operating System

The two main reasons why you may need to reinstall Windows in your computer are:

  1. The computer performance is really slow.
  2. The Hard Drive had to be replaced.

If the reason why you want to reinstall windows is because the computer is running slower than usual we suggest you to try first the Alienware Computer running slow article before reinstalling Windows. Sometimes you don’t need to perform a clean installation in order to fix slow down issues with your computer. Now, if you have already tried that and problem persists, or if you recently replaced the computer hard drive next you will find the steps to perform a clean installation of Windows.

2. The installation process

There are three methods you can use in Alienware computers to load a fresh copy of the Operating System:

  • Using AlienRespawn
  • Using the Dell Direct USB key
  • Using a DVD or USB flash drive

Note: Before starting be sure to backup any data you want to keep since any information in the computer will be erased as part of the installation process.

AlienRespawn is a software preinstalled on Alienware systems that contains a backup copy of all software originally installed on the system. If you run it, it will erase all data on the hard drive to have the computer with only the software that was installed at the moment that you received it; that’s why is recommended that you back up your data before proceeding.

To run the AlienRespawn just follow the instructions listed in this article.

Keep in mind that if by any chance you formatted the computer’s hard drive at some point, you also deleted the AlienRespawn partition; therefore, the only other way around to reinstall Windows would be using the Dell Direct USB key, the Windows DVD or the Windows USB flash drive.

If you are not able to run the AlienRespawn the Dell Direct USB key will provide you a quick resolution to reinstall Windows since this key will not only install the Operating System that originally shipped with the computer but also the Basic drivers and the AlienRespawn software.

To know the proper way to use the DUSB key check out the Recovering Windows with the Dell Direct USB key article.

To begin with this process first remove all external peripherals attached to the computer except for the keyboard, mouse and monitor, otherwise the process may not be completed properly.

Then just follow the steps listed below. As reference you can also watch the video listed next:

  1. Turn on your computer to insert the DVD or USB flash drive and then shut it down.
  2. Restart the computer and at the Alienware logo start tapping the F12 key to get the Boot menu.
  3. Choose the DVD/USB flash drive from the list and hit enter.
  4. When prompted, choose your language and the other preferences there listed and click next.
  5. Click on Install Windows.
  6. On the license terms page, if you accept them, click I accept the license terms, and then click next.
  7. On the Which type of installation do you want? page, click Custom.
  8. On the Where do you want to install Windows? page:
    • If you have a new or replacement hard drive just select it, click on new and then apply.
    • If you are formatting the existing drive, select the windows partition that you want to change.
    • Click the Format option and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  9. When you have finished formatting, click on next for the Windows Setup to begin and follow the on-screen instructions to finish installing Windows.

Once the Windows installation is completed you will need to install the system drivers. To do so just follow the Drivers for your Alienware article.

As soon as you finish installing all the drivers your system needs to be ready to use; install the AlienRespawn software to create the recovery partition. This way next time you need to reinstall Windows you can use AlienRespawn instead of the DVD or USB flash drive, completing the process in a faster way.

Backup Media Request (US and Canada only)

If your Alienware computer is under warranty and you don’t have the recovery media needed to reinstall Windows, you can request a set of backup and recovery discs containing the factory-installed operating system as well as your device’s drivers and utilities.

Click Here to order your Windows media

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