Export a SupportAssist Collection and PERC log via iDRAC 7 & 8 (PowerEdge 12G and 13G)

Export a SupportAssist Collection and PERC log via iDRAC 7 & 8 (PowerEdge 12G and 13G)

This article explains how to export a hardware diagnostic file from a Dell PowerEdge Server through the integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) 7 or 8. This set of files is named a "SupportAssist Collection" and includes the RAID controller log. Optionally, an operating system collector module, named iSM, can be installed to retrieve the Operating System logs and Application Data.

The export of SupportAssist Collection on a PowerEdge Server of 14th generation using an iDRAC 9 is described in a separate article.

Note: This article is part of the Server Tutorials: Support Tools, available here.

Table of Contents:

  1. Export a SupportAssist Collection (iDRAC 7 and iDRAC 8)
    - iDRAC version 2.30 and higher
    - iDRAC version from 2.10 and before 2.30

  2. How to find the iDRAC Service Module (iSM)?

  3. Useful Links

1. Export a SupportAssist Collection


  1. iDRAC7 firmware must be at least to offer the option of creating a RAID controller log.
  2. For collecting the Raid controller log, the server has to be powered on and booted to Operating System or Lifecycle Controller.
  3. Since iDRAC firmware version the former Tech Support Report is called SupportAssist Collection.
  4. To collect Operating System logs, the iDRAC Service Module has to be installed. Hardware logs can be collected without it.
  5. The login credentials for the iDRAC web interface are by default: root / calvin. If the iDRAC is not configured or the credentials are unknown, please refer to Export Support Assist Collection and RAID Controller Log through PowerEdge Lifecycle Controller.


The interface slightly differs before and after version but the result will be nearly the same. Please check your iDRAC firmware version and follow the steps accordingly

iDRAC version 2.30 and higher
iDRAC version from 2.10 and before 2.30

iDRAC version 2.30 and higher

The following steps and pictures are based on the iDRAC firmware version and show how to create the SupportAssist Collection incl. RAID controller log.

  1. After logging into the iDRAC web interface go to Troubleshooting (Fig.1).
  2. Then choose tab SupportAssist (Fig.1),
  3. Now click on Edit Collection Data (Fig.1).

    Figure 1: Choosing right options

  4. Check the boxes for RAID Controller Log and OS and Application Data (optional) (Fig.2).
Note: If the OS Collector tool (included in iDRAC Service Module software package) is not running on the system, then the OS and Application Data option is greyed-out and it is not selectable. The latest version of the Dell iDRAC Service Module is available in the Drivers and download for your server on Dell.com/Support, listed in the category System Management as below.
  1. Click on Apply (Fig.2).

    Figure 2: Collection Settings

  2. Click on Export Support Collection (Fig.3).

    Start export process
    Figure 3: Start the export process

  3. The progress will be displayed in a bar on the upper screen (Fig.4).

    Progress Bar
    Figure 4: Progress Bar

  4. Once the report/log is collected you have to click on OK to download the file and specify the destination (Fig.5).
    Figure 5: Download the logs (.ZIP file e.g. TSR20190626164648_TAG123.zip).
Note: Not all browsers will allow you to gather the log collection. If you do not see the progress bar after you click Export, simply try another browser.

Detailed information on TSR export function is available in this PDF file.

The collected file can be sent to technical support.

iDRAC version from 2.10 and before 2.30

Video: Generate a Tech Support Report Using iDRAC8 (English only - before firmware version

For more information about iDRAC, please visit iDRAC User's Guide. The collected file can be sent to technical support.

2. How to find the iDRAC Service Module (iSM)?

Note: The iSM is an optional module that allows collecting operating system logs through the iDRAC. If the iSM is not installed, only the hardware logs will be collected.


  1. Go to www.dell.com/support/home?app=drivers and choose the desired system type by entering the Service Tag or selecting the product type manually.

  2. Select the installed Operating System and enter "Service Module" in the Keyword field.

  3. Now the corresponding iDRAC Service Module package is shown below (Fig. 6). Click on the download sign to receive the package as a .zip file.

    Figure 6: Download iDRAC Service Module

Now install the downloaded iDRAC Service Module (iSM) to make Operating System logs available in SupportAssist Collections.

Note: A reboot is required to ensure that the iSM services are running.

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