TL1000 : How to update the firmware of the Tape Library?

TL1000 : How to update the firmware of the Tape Library?

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This tutorial explains how to update the tape library firmware and the tape drive firmware on a TL1000.


The library management interface IP address has to be reachable.
No tape must be in the drive during the process.
Make sure that all your back-up software services are stopped.

Download the TL1000 Firmware Package A02 PVTL1000_A02_ZPE.exe
Java has to be installed on your server to access the web management interface.

To update the drive firmware, please Install ITDT. More information about ITDT is available in this article.

The available versions in the package are:
  • Library Firmware = 0070-3000
  • LTO7 Drive Firmware = G341
  • LTO6 Drive Firmware = G351
  • LTO5 Drive Firmware = G361
  • LTO4 Drive Firmware = G361


The PowerVault TL1000 update consists of two parts:
  1. TL1000 network management board update
  2. Tape drive update
All the versions are indicated at the bottom right of the System Summary tab.

In this case the installed versions are:
  • Library firmware version: 0031.3000
  • Drive Firmware version: D8E5

TL1000 Tape Library firmware update

Open an internet navigator and connect to the library mangement inteface.
You will receive a default Java welcome message:

Check "I accept the risk and want to run this application" , then click on Run

Connect with the administrator credentials, the default password is:

Account admin
Password secure

To update the tape Library, click on Firmware Update on the left.
You will receive the following message reminding you to shut down all your back-up software services and to remove any tape from the drive.

Click on OK.

In Library Firmware Update window:

1. Click on Browse.
2. Find and select the .fmg file located in the archive previously unzipped.

3. Click on Open.

4. Click on Update to start the update. (A message will inform you that the Library will be bring Offline).
5. Click on Yes to confirm the update.
6. Once the update is finished, you will receive a confirmation message. Click on OK.
Update succesful

7. A 2nd message will inform you that the management interface is about to restart. Click on OK again.

Applet Shutdown
8. You will receive the following message:
The applet was shut down.
Please close this window.

Refresh (F5) to connect to the new TL1000 management interface.

Update Tape Drive Firmware

It is possible to update the tape drive firmware via the Web interface. However this procedure might take a long time.
It is thus recommended to use ITDT software for the updates.
Launch ITDT, and then start a scan to detect the tape drives.

Select the tape drive where the tape has to be updated.

Then select the tape drive to be updated and then click on FwUpdate.
Find the file corresponding to the tape drive (LTO4,LTO5 or LT06) present in the PowerVault TL1000 update package.

Follow the on-screen instructions.
Once the update is finished, click on OK.

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