Precision XX20 Tower: Pwr LED blinks 4, 6 error code after updating to BIOS 1.9.0

Precision XX20 Tower: Pwr LED blinks 4, 6 error code after updating to BIOS 1.9.0

The following article provides information about an LED startup code error seen on the Precision XX20 Tower workstations after updating the BIOS to revision 1.9.0

4, 6 LED error reported after updating to BIOS 1.9.0 on Precision XX20 systems

There have been numerous reports of Precision XX20 workstations reporting a 4, 6 LED error after being updated to BIOS revision 1.9.0 which is the most recent. The section below covers a workaround and troubleshooting steps to effect a permanent fix.

LED Error Code:

  • 4, 6 - 4 Amber Blinks, a Pause then 6 White Blinks, a pause then it repeats - RAID Degraded

Solution Steps

Please follow through the steps below to resolve this issue:

  1. Go to the Dell Support Site

  2. Enter the service tag or express service code to get drivers specific to how your system shipped

    Alternatively you can choose the system from the product list to get a general list of drivers for that system

  3. Click on the Drivers and Downloads drawer in the menu

  4. Ensure you have the correct operating system set

  5. Select BIOS from the category dropdown

  6. Locate the BIOS revision and ensure it it more recent than 1.9.0

  7. Click on the download link and follow the online instructions

Note: This will cause your system to restart as it flashes your BIOS with the Update. Please ensure you have the system connected to a reliable power source during this.
  1. Enter the BIOS (Using the F2 boot) and clear any listed errors from the Event log

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Last Date Modified: 09/14/2019 12:29 PM

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