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How to Determine the RAID Controller Installed in My Server - Training Information - 149540

Identify the PERC Controller Installed in the System

When the server is first powered on, the power on self-test (POST) displays the manufacturer's BIOS for each PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller (PERC). During the POST process, you should see one of the following two messages as the system initializes the RAID controller:

  1. If you have an Adaptec PERC, you will see the following message:

    Dell PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller 2, BIOS VX.X [Build XXXX]
    (c) 1998-2000 Adaptec, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    <<< Press <CTRL>+<A> for Configuration Utility! >>>

  2. If you have an LSI Logic (Formally known as American Megatrends Inc. [AMI]) PERC, you will see the following message:

    Dell PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller
    Press <CTRL>+<M> to Run Configuration Utility.

Listed below are the different PERC controllers from both manufacturers:

Adaptec Controllers

  • PERC 2 (PCI)
  • PERC 2/Si: PowerEdge 2400
  • PERC 3/Si: PowerEdge 2450
  • PERC 3/Di: PowerEdge 4400, PowerEdge 2500, and PowerEdge 2550

The PERC 2 is a PCI-based controller card, while the other three controllers are integrated on the system boards.

AMI/LSI Controllers

  • PERC 2/SC
  • PERC 2/DC
  • PERC 3/SC
  • PERC 3/DC
  • PERC 3/DC Lite
  • PERC 3/QC
  • PERC 4/SC
  • PERC 4/DC
  • PERC 4e/DC
  • PERC 5/E
  • PERC 5/i
  • PERC 6/E
  • PERC 6/i


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