Alienware Desktops and Gaming Consoles: Lines and Distortion on the Screen

Alienware Desktops and Gaming Consoles: Lines and Distortion on the Screen

Alienware Arena Description The following article provides the steps to properly troubleshooting your screen in case of distortion or lines showing up during normal use.

Supported Systems:

Alienware Desktops Alienware Consoles

Run a On-line Diagnostic First! Click Here

Run the LCD Built-in Self Test (Dell Monitors Only)

Most Dell monitors have a Built In Self Test that will allow you determine if the problem is related to your monitor or to your computer

Refer to your monitor manual for instructions on how to run the Built In Self Test.

Click Here to search for your monitor's manual.

Test Connections

  • Use good quality cables and adapters

  • Try different ports in your monitor and in your system

  • If you have to use any kind of adapter to connect your monitor try replacing it

  • Try another monitor or try your monitor on a different computer, this is the quickest way to determine if your computer has an issue

  • If the distortion is also present on a known working monitor, follow our article Running ePSA Built-in Diagnostics on your Alienware System for further testing

  • Set screen resolution to the monitor native resolution

Update your System BIOS and Video Drivers

Latest BIOS is available at our Drivers and Downloads Page

Click Here for help on how to update your BIOS.

You may visit NVIDIA or AMD for the latest driver for your system

Important: Please visit our Drivers and Downloads Page in case the above drivers do not work for you.

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