How to Access On-board Diagnostics for Dell Edge Gateway 5000

How to Access On-board Diagnostics for Dell Edge Gateway 5000

The Dell Edge Gateway 5000 (IoT) system is wall mountable and can be installed without a monitor, keyboard, mouse and may also be referred to as a headless device.
The built-in diagnostics can be started by a switch setting change, either by moving the Diag DIP Switch from Off-to-On or a change from On-to-Off after a restart to trigger the system to boot into the Internal Diagnostics.

The Diag DIP switch feature requires BIOS v1.1.0 which can be downloaded from the Dell Support Site. See note below how to flash the BIOS.

Alternatively you can attach a keyboard, mouse, monitor & press F12 to enter the BIOS Boot Menu and choose Diagnostics. Dell Gateway 5000 supports ePSA v3.0 diagnostics.

See Guide to update the BIOS through the Boot Menu

1. Copy the downloaded file to a USB flash device. The flash device does not need to be bootable.
2. Insert the USB flash device into any USB port.
3. Power on the system.
4. At the Dell logo screen, press F12 to access the one-time boot menu.
5. Select "BIOS Flash Update" in the "Other Options" section.
6. Click on the "..." button to browse the USB flash device to locate the downloaded file.
7. Select the file and click "Ok"
8. Confirm the Existing System BIOS Information and the BIOS Update Information are as expected.
9. Click "Begin Flash Update"
10. Review the warning message and click "Yes" to proceed with the update.
11. The system should restart and show a Flash Progress bar on the Dell logo screen as the BIOS update is being performed.
12. The system will restart once again when the Flash update is complete.

Note: Power Button LED behaviour.

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