Dell Chromebook Systems Guide

Dell Chromebook Systems Guide


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System Documentation - User Guides/Manuals Find your Service Tag and Express Service Code Warranty Status and Service information Change of System Ownership Report System Lost or Stolen

Dell Chromebook Notebook's System Guide: Contains Links to How-To Guides and Useful Information About Your System and Information About Resolving Charging Issues.

Expand Each Section Below for Information About Using Your Dell Chromebook Notebook's

Getting to know your computer:

Links to the System Manuals can be found here:

This section provides links to information about locations of connectors and ports, pictures of your system, and will help you to get started with your system.

Caution: Before working on your machine it is worth considering the following safety information: Safety precautions when working with electrical equipment

Installation Options:

This section covers the supported Operating System (OS) re-installation options for your system

Getting Started, Recover or Restore the Chrome Operating System


The drivers are part of the Chrome Operating System. Therefore there are no Drivers you can download directly.

Diagnostics and Error Codes:

This section covers the Chrome Shell (CROSH) diagnostics. The Chrome OS does not support ePSA, Dell BIOS, the F12 Boot menu or DellConnect. There are no preboot diagnostics.

Note: CROSH command, Chrome Commands & View System Information are not available in CfM Google+ Hangouts mode. To troubleshoot a CfM device in the Chrome OS environment, you have to exit from the CfM Google+ Hangouts mode by pressing the CTRL + ALT + S during the bootup screen.


Getting to know your computer:

The Quick Start Guide provides information, and pictures, about your particular system and will help you familiarize yourself with the computer.

Safety Precautions and Tips:

This section provides information on safe practices to take into consideration before working with electrical equipment.

Hardware Troubleshooting:

This section covers guidelines for the various hardware-related tasks and faults you may experience on this particular system type. Most hardware issues are resolved by the Return for Repair warranty this system is covered by. There are no Customer Replaceable Parts on this system.

Input Devices Issues
Networking Issues:

Ports and Replicator Issues
Specific Troubleshooting:

This section includes links to any system-specific articles that provide solutions for your particular Dell Chromebook.

Additional Software and Security Features:

This section covers the Software that is supported on your system, it also has links to information about Security and Encryption and Anti-Virus.

See the tabs below to find out more information


Software sold with your machine:

The software sold with your Computer is subject to change, but the software within the Chrome Operating System (OS) will all be in the form of Apps. This section provides information on preinstalled software and how to identify the software sold with your computer.

Using your Operating System:

This section covers guides on setting up and using your system when you first receive it.

Chromebook Security Features

Refer to the Chromebook Knowledge Base article Chromebook security for information on the security features the Chromebook Operating System provides.

Dell Specific Information

What is a Service Tag or Express Service Code and how do I locate it?

This link provides information on What is a Service Tag or Express Service Code and how do I locate it?

Determine Warranty Status

This link provides information on how to Determine Warranty Status.

Support Service for Expired Warranties

This link provides information on Support Service for Expired Warranties.

Ownership Transfer

This link provides information on how to submit a Ownership Transfer.

How to Report System Lost or Stolen?

This link provides information on How to Report System Lost or Stolen?

Note: You should always keep the charge on your battery above 1%, letting the battery completely discharge can be harmful to your computer and the battery may not charge from a completely discharged state.

When the battery does not seem to be charging:

  1. Try another A/C Adapter if one is available.

  2. Try following the steps outlined in the following article: How to recover and reset the Chrome OS

  3. Perform a battery health test on the battery with the A/C adapter. For more information refer to Dell Knowledge base article Battery Health Check.

If You Require Assistance on a Topic Not Covered in This Guide, Please Use the Search Box at the Top Right of This Page to Find Further Help

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