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Windows Support

Whether you're looking to upgrade your system, customize your desktop, explore Dell apps, or troubleshoot common issues, we have everything you need to make the most out of your Windows device. Explore our extensive collection of support articles and find the solutions you need to unlock the full potential of your Windows device.

Dell computers tested for upgrade to Windows 11
Dell computers tested for upgrade to Windows 11

View a list of Dell devices that were tested for upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

SupportAssist OS Recovery
SupportAssist OS Recovery

Learn how to reinstall or reset Windows using SupportAssist OS Recovery.

Troubleshoot Slow Performance
Troubleshoot Slow Performance

Learn what slow performance looks like and how to fix it.

Additional Support

Set Up Windows
Learn how to install Windows for the first time with this step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth setup process and avoid common errors.
Update Windows and Drivers
Keep your Dell device optimized. Learn how to update Windows and drivers effortlessly. Enhance performance and security with our step-by-step guide.
Personalize Your Windows
Learn how to customize Windows - change wallpaper, display settings, add users, enhance security, and more. Make your PC truly yours with these tips.
Back Up and Recovery
Learn how to safeguard your Windows device with backup solutions and recover your data in case of emergencies. Explore step-by-step instructions for efficient backup and recovery.
Set Up Your Peripherals
Learn how to set up external devices like displays, printers, and webcams to enhance your laptop or desktop. Easy step-by-step instructions.
Apps For Your Dell
Discover the suite of Dell applications pre-installed on your computer. Learn how to optimize your Dell experience with these powerful tools.
Connect to a Network
Learn how to connect your device to your home, work, or a public hotspot wireless network, or using a network cable to get online.
Windows 8 Support
Learn how to, troubleshooting and upgrading tips for Windows 8. Get Microsoft Windows 8 support information for your Dell PC here.
Windows 7 Support
Learn how to, troubleshooting and upgrading tips for Windows 7. Get Microsoft Windows 7 support information for your Dell PC here.

Video Resources

Other Resources

SupportAssist for Home PCs
SupportAssist for PCs
Use SupportAssist to keep your dell optimized SupportAssist for PCs
Support Library
Support Library
Access all our knowledge base articles. Support Library
Dell Download Center
Reinstall your software or get the last software that you bought. Dell Download Center