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Get Started With Your XPS

Welcome to your new XPS! From unboxing your device to getting the most out of your operating system, we’ve got you covered.

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Use the MyDell Sticker
Use the MyDell Sticker

Learn how to use the MyDell sticker to find information about your new XPS.

Register Your XPS
Register Your XPS

Register your XPS to get personalized support, critical product updates, and more.

Unbox Your XPS
Unbox Your XPS

Get step-by-step instructions to unbox and set up your new XPS.

Get Started With Windows
Got your XPS with Windows? Learn how to set up, update, personalize, and do more with Windows on your new XPS.
Get Started With Ubuntu
Got your XPS with Ubuntu? Learn how to set up, update, personalize, and do more with Ubuntu on your new XPS.
Set Up Your Peripherals
Learn how to set up external devices such as displays, printers, and webcams to enhance your XPS. Easy step-by-step instructions.
Apps For Your Dell
Discover the suite of Dell applications pre-installed on your XPS. Learn how to optimize your Dell experience with these powerful tools.
Unbox Your XPS
A step-by-step guide to unpacking, connecting to a power source, and getting started with your new XPS.
Create a Dell Account
Creating an account provides an easy, more centralized way to manage your Dell purchases. Sign in with your Dell account on SupportAssist or to get personalized help.

Video Resources

How to use the MyDell Sticker

This video will demonstrate how to scan the MyDell sticker and find information about your device. The MyDell sticker gives you quick access to valuable information about your device, including documentation, troubleshooting, and order support. Scan the QR code to find out more.