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Dell Gaming and Alienware Support

Run SupportAssist Diagnostics
Run SupportAssist Diagnostics

If your Dell computer can boot into Windows, run a quick test using SupportAssist to identify hardware issues.

Alienware Command Center
Alienware Command Center

Learn about Alienware Command Center to control features on your Dell gaming and Alienware computers, keyboards, and mouse.

SupportAssist for Home PCs
SupportAssist for Home PCs

Learn more about SupportAssist for home PCs. SupportAssist helps download drivers, run a hardware scan, and optimize your Dell computer.

Introduction to Dell Gaming PCs
Ready to play? Learn what makes gaming computers standout from regular computers, and what kind of computer you need to play the latest games.
Maximize Gaming Performance
Boost your gaming performance with this guide from Dell. Learn about optimizing your settings, installing new components, and overclocking.
Update Video Drivers for Maximum Gaming Performance
Learn how to identify, download and update the video card or graphics card (GPU) driver on your computer to improve gaming performance.
Installing drivers on your Alienware
All that you need to know about accessing drivers for your Alienware computer and our recommended AlienRespawn tool.
Alienware Command Center for Alienware Keyboard and Mouse
Get help to customize lightning effects and macros for supported Alienware keyboards and mice using Alienware Command Center.
Using Game Mode to Capture Video in Windows
Learn how to use the game bar to record gameplay sessions on in Windows.
Troubleshooting Flickering Video on Dell Gaming or Alienware Monitors
Learn how to troubleshoot flickering video issue on Dell G-series or Alienware monitors.
Alienware Overclocking
Learn more about overclocking to improve performance of supported Alienware computers and resolve common issues with overclocking.
Windows Mixed Reality Setup FAQs
Here’s some info to help troubleshoot problems you might run into when you set up your Windows Mixed Reality immersive headset.
Dell Visor FAQs
Find information about troubleshooting and other frequently asked questions about Dell Visor.

Video Resources

Other Resources

Alienware Arena
Join the PC gaming community featuring content, promotions and discussions sponsored by Alienware and its partners. Alienware Arena
Windows Support
Get more info and support for Windows 11, Windows 10, or Windows 8 (8.1) operating systems. Windows Support
Using SupportAssist OS Recovery
Using SupportAssist OS Recovery
Learn how to use SupportAssist OS recovery to reset or restore the operating system on your Dell computer. Using SupportAssist OS Recovery
Troubleshoot system performance issues
Learn how to resolve system performance issues on a Dell computer Troubleshoot system performance issues