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Audio, Speakers, and Microphone

Get support for no audio, low volume or distorted sound issues on speakers, headphones and microphones.

Speaker Diagnostics
Speaker Diagnostics

Use SupportAssist to run a diagnostic test on your internal or external speakers.

Microphone Diagnostics
Microphone Diagnostics

Use SupportAssist to run a diagnostic test on your internal or external microphone.

Bluetooth Diagnostics
Bluetooth Diagnostics

Use SupportAssist to run a diagnostic test on the Bluetooth card.

Additional Support

Fix Audio or Sound Playback Issues with Speakers or Headphones
Get help to fix audio or sound playback issues with integrated laptop speakers, external speakers, headphones, or headsets.
Fix Audio or Sound Recording Issues with Headsets or Microphones
Having problems with the microphone on your Dell computer? Follow the suggested quick steps to resolve microphone issues. Find links to additional resources for troubleshooting microphone problems.
How to Connect Speakers or Headphones
Learn how to connect wired or wireless speakers or headphones to a Dell computer.
Audio is Not Working After Windows Update
Fix audio issue if the sound stops working or does not work correctly after a Windows update.
Fix Feedback or Echo When Using Microphone
Learn how to fix feedback noise or echo coming from the speakers when using the microphone.

Video Resources

Other Resources

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Bluetooth Support
Get support for Bluetooth-related issues when using Bluetooth-enabled speakers or headphones.
Windows Support
Get more info and support for Windows 11, Windows 10, or Windows 8 (8.1) operating systems.
Using SupportAssist OS Recovery
Restore your Computer Using SupportAssist OS Recovery
Learn how to use SupportAssist OS recovery to reset or restore the operating system on your Dell computer.
Troubleshoot system performance issues
Learn how to resolve system performance issues on a Dell computer