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Dell Certified Drivers for Dell Precision Workstations

Dell Certified Drivers for Dell Precision Workstations

To meet the needs of demanding workstation users, Dell Precision Workstations are designed with high-performance hardware components. Dell also demands that key workstation software vendors rigorously test and certify all components of their application on Dell Precision, so that customers can be assured the maximum level of performance, functionality, and reliability of their solution. With dedicated development and testing resources, Dell’s stringent workstation certification requirements are designed to deliver one benefit above all others: peace of mind. Dell’s certification team works with leading workstation application vendors to perform rigorous testing and ensure flawless compatibility and optimal application performance on all Dell Precision Workstations.

Dell ISV Certified Drivers FAQ

1. What is “ISV” ?
    It stands for Independent Software Vendor, the developer of the software that must be run on professional Workstations like Dell Precision™.

2. What is a Certified Driver?
     A certified driver differs from a “standard” driver in that a certified driver was specifically tested on a given operating system running your applications with a specific graphics card installed. The testing is done by the vendor, Dell, or both.

3. If there is a newer driver than the certified driver, should I install the newer one?
   The quick answer is NO. The certified driver has been tested to run in a specific configuration on your application. Unless the driver has been recommended to you by an authorized personnel or it resolves a specific issue that you may be experiencing. Most importantly, the vendor and Dell recommend the certified driver when you report a problem with a noncertified driver.

4. How can I access a certified driver for application?
   Dell provides a utility on that will allow you to download the exact driver that matches your configuration and application. Follow these instructions to access the Dell ISV Certified driver:

A. Select the appropriate product. You can access drivers for Dell Precision™ Workstations by using the service tag, or selecting the precision model.
B. Access the Precision product page.

C. Select “Drivers and Downloads” tab.

D. Find the graphic card that is installed on your system(s).

E. Select the link for the video card. Do not start the driver download from here as the driver may not be the certified driver.

F. Click the “Certified Drivers” link. This link is located in the central portion of the page (not the right or left margin), towards the bottom.

G. Find your application. The application name is the link to the driver. Click the link.

H. Download the driver and follow the installation instructions. Uninstall the currently installed video driver before installing the certified driver.