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Fix Common Issues

No Power
Get help if your Dell computer does not turn on or shows no sign of power when you press the power button.
Get help if your Dell computer does not startup, stuck on the Dell logo screen, beeps or the LEDs flash in a pattern when you turn on your computer.
No Boot
Get help if your Dell computer turns on but does not boot into the operating system.
No Video with Monitors or Screens
Having problems with the display of your Dell monitor or laptop? Follow the suggested quick steps to resolve display issues on a Dell monitor or laptop. Find links to additional resources for troubleshooting display or video problems.
Learn how to access, navigate and update your Dell computer's BIOS or UEFI. The BIOS or UEFI firmware contains steps to ensure that your computer meets the requirements for booting properly.
System Performance
Learn how to optimize your Dell computer to improve system performance if your Dell computer takes a long time to load apps or boot your operating system.