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Learn to use Windows 11

How to use OneDrive to Backup and Restore - Windows 11 Upgrade - Dell Support

Watch and learn how to use OneDrive to backup and restore Windows 10 as a critical part of the Windows 11 upgrade.

Accessibility Settings in Windows 11 use the latest accessible technology. With the Windows 11 upgrade, these settings are easier to find and more user friendly than ever.

In this video, we go through some of the coolest Windows 11 new features. With the Windows 11 upgrade, new feature in Windows 11 let you organize multiple apps and folders on screen with Snap Layouts, pre-define Device Usage settings, arrange multiple Virtual Desktops and customize Themes with its seemingly infinite amount of options. 00:00 Introduction 00:10 Windows 11 Snap Layouts 00:37 Windows 11 Setting Device Usage presets 01:11 Windows 11 Virtual Desktops 01:37 Windows 11 Custom Themes Looking for additional support?

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