SupportAssist for Enterprise Systems (Servers, Storage and Networking)

SupportAssist Enterprise is our comprehensive and easy to use, proactive and predictive, automated support technology*. SupportAssist automatically identifies hardware faults, creates a case, and initiates contact from Dell EMC to the customer. SupportAssist can help streamline your support experience and resolve issues up to 72% faster**. There is a SupportAssist version to fit most environments from a stand-alone server to your medium or large datacenter.

SupportAssist Enterprise
SupportAssist Enterprise monitors up to 15,000 server, storage and networking devices. It can be used as a stand-alone application or with OpenManage Essentials (OME), OpenManage Enterprise or Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). SupportAssist Enterprise can be downloaded on either a Windows or Linux management server.

SupportAssist embedded
SupportAssist also comes embedded on select Dell EMC devices including PowerEdge 14th Generation (14G) servers and PS Series and SC Series storage arrays. These versions of SupportAssist come preinstalled and monitor only the individual device.

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* Features vary based on the Dell EMC service level purchased for your system click here for more information.
**Third-party lab testing with Principled Technologies “Save time and IT effort resolving server hardware issues with ProSupport Plus and SupportAssist” - June 2018 Full report: