Dell EMC Enterprise Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows Server OS Support

Dell collaborates extensively with Microsoft to ensure the consistent, reliable performance of Microsoft operating systems running on Dell PowerEdge servers.

For more information on the Microsoft Server operating systems supported on specific PowerEdge models, please click here.

Need help choosing the correct OS edition for your server? Try our Microsoft Server OS Advisor found here .

For troubleshooting information on the Microsoft Server operating systems, please click here.

Linux OS Support

Dell has extensive Linux expertise through our dedicated Linux engineering and technical support teams. Several Linux distributions are supported through collaborative support agreements between Dell and our respective Linux partners. Get support with our knowledge base articles.

Dell Direct Operating System Support

Dell will manage all hardware and operating system issues but escalate to the partner, if needed.

Dell and Partner Collaborative Operating System Support

Dell will manage all hardware issues and will provide collaborative assistance (see details here) with Oracle for Oracle Linux/Oracle VM and Canonical for Ubuntu, respectively, to handle operating system support. Customers may still call Dell Support Services for assistance.


Partner Hardware Compatibility Lists

Partner hardware compatibility lists of Dell systems that are compatible with the respective partner operating systems.

Note: We acknowledge the wide use of CentOS on Dell systems and understand that it's a community-developed derivative of the Dell-supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Support for this OS is available directly from the CentOS community at their website here.

Hypervisor Support

For Microsoft Hyper-V and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, please refer to the OS support above.
  • Please click here to view the deployment guides for VMware ESXi 
  • Please click here to view the VMware Hardware Compatibility List
  • Please click here to view the XenServer Hardware Compatibility List