Other Useful Tools

Tools to assist in Managing and Maintaining your Datacenter (in English)

Monitoring and log gathering

IPMI Tool – Intelligent Platform Management Interface Tool
Description: Tool that provides hardware monitoring, event logging remote platform control and error recovery
Benefit: IPMI is an open standard and, as such, benefits from the development of freely available systems management software and utilities in the open source community

PECLogs – PowerEdge Cloud Log utility (US Only)
Description: Utility that collections configuration and log data for PowerEdge Cloud Servers
Benefit: Useful tool similar to DSET for Cloud based servers

iDRAC 7+8 - Exporting Tech Support Report (TSR) and RAID Controller Logs
Description: Information about exporting the RAID controller log and the Tech Support Report (TSR) via the integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) webinterface of Dell PowerEdge servers of generation 12 and 13.
Benefit:Allows you to collect and export crucial system information.
Deployment and Update Tools

Repository Manager
Description: Utility to build driver and update ISO for updating servers
Benefit: Allow customer ISO creation for updating from bootable CDs, USB Keys, and many additional methods

DTK – Deployment Toolkit
Description: Set of utilities for configuring and deploying Dell PowerEdge
Benefit: For customers who need to build scripted installations to deploy large numbers of servers in a reliable fashion without having to dramatically change their current deployment processes

SUU – Server Update Utility
Description: CD-based application for identifying and applying updates to your system
Benefit: Displays a comparison report of the currently installed versions and available versions and provides the option of updating the components

Datacenter Tools

Dell Converged Infrastructure Solutions - Dell Active Systems Manager
Description: Get automated workload delivery and end-to-end infrastructure management
Benefit: Allows planning of infrastructure for many environmental factors from a web-based environment