Dell EMC iDRAC Service Module

Dell EMC iDRAC Service Module 3.1.0

For 12th, 13th, and 14th-Generation PowerEdge Servers shipping as of December 2017

iDRAC Service Module (iSM) is a lightweight piece of software that runs on the server and expands management of the Integrated Dell EMC Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) into supported host operating systems. Installing the iDRAC Service Module is optional, though highly recommended. iSM does not expose any new interfaces of its own, rather it complements iDRAC with additional data that users can work with using iDRAC consoles such as the GUI, RACADM and WSMAN. iDRAC Service Module monitoring features can be individually enabled/disabled to achieve a fine level of server OS resource control for the unique integration needs of a customer environment. iSM also provides diagnostic features often requested by Dell EMC Technical Support.

Further information about system requirements, new features, installation and product usage can be found in iDRAC Service Module documentation.

Note: For 14th-Generation server models released after December 2017 please go to and choose your specific model for the specific iSM version required.

To download, please choose the respective operating system and install format. Dell Update Package (DUP) format is a quicker installation that only installs default features whereas OS-specific packages typically contain a wizard-based installation to choose specific features:

Microsoft Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2, and 2016:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 and 7.4 (x86_64 only):
Novell SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP4 and 12 SP3 (x86_64 only):
VMware ESXi 6.0 U3, 6.5 U1, 6.7:Citrix XenServer 7.1: