Lifecycle Controller Information

The Lifecycle Controller has the following components:

  • GUI-based Lifecycle Controller:
    • Is an embedded configuration utility that reside on an embedded flash memory card.
    • Is similar to the BIOS utility that is started during the boot sequence, and can function in a pre-operating system environment.
    • Enable systems and storage management tasks from an embedded environment throughout the system’s life cycle.
  • Remote Services (WS-Management) simplifies end-to-end server lifecycle management using the one-to-many method. It interfaces for remote deployment integrated with Dell OpenManage Essentials and partner consoles.

The Dell Lifecycle Controller provides advanced embedded systems management to perform systems management tasks such as deploy, configure, update, maintain, and diagnose through a graphical user interface. It is delivered as part of iDRAC out-of-band solution and embedded Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) applications in the latest Dell servers. The iDRAC works with the UEFI firmware to access and manage every aspect of the hardware, including component and subsystem management that is beyond the traditional Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) capabilities.

For additional help or information, please refer to the Dell TechCenter Lifecycle Controller wiki.