Diagnostics and Management Tools

  • SupportAssist for Enterprise Systems (Servers, Storage and Networking)

  • Proactive monitoring software with automatic failure detection, notifications and case creation for rapid resolution. For Dell, Force10 and EqualLogic products, it’s free of charge, secure and streamlines traditional support routines
  • Other Useful Tools

  • Tools that assist in log gathering, monitoring and other utilities (In English)
  • TechCenter Support

  • Find TechCenter information for Servers, Client, Networking, Storage, System Management, Ready-Solutions and more. (available in English and Japanese)
  • 32-Bit Diagnostics

  • Description: Detailed diagnostic utility to verify hardware functionality
    Benefit: Provides extensive diagnostic testing outside the Operating System
  • TechDirect

  • Description: Online customizable portal to open/manage support cases and self-dispatch parts

    Benefit: Bypass phone support with this free of charge, convenient, simple to use tool with Message Center and custom reports

  • Support Live Image

  • Description: Support Live Image is a bootable live image with a collection of Dell tools for your support needs
    Benefit: Access to Dell tools without touching your operating system