Dell EMC OpenManage Ansible Modules version 2.0.1

Dell EMC OpenManage Ansible Modules allows data center and IT, administrators, to use RedHat Ansible to automate and orchestrate the configuration, deployment, and update of Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers (12th generation of PowerEdge servers and later) and modular infrastructure by leveraging the management automation capabilities in-built into the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) and OpenManage Enterprise (OME) respectively.

With the latest release of Dell EMC OpenManage Ansible Modules, the capabilities have improved with support for OpenManage Enterprise. OpenManage Ansible Modules simplifies and automates provisioning, deployment, and updates of PowerEdge servers and modular infrastructure. It allows system administrators and software developers to introduce the physical infrastructure provisioning into their software provisioning stack, integrates with existing DevOps pipelines and manages their infrastructure using version-controlled playbooks, server configuration profiles, and templates in line with the Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) principles.

In addition to, Ansible modules can also be downloaded from Modules downloaded from this GitHub location are supported by Dell EMC.

Fixes & Enhancements

Fixes: N/A


-The dellemc_idrac_firmware module is deprecated and all the functionality is added to the new idrac_firmware module.
-The dellemc_idrac_server_config_profile module is deprecated and all the functionality is added to the new idrac_server_config_profile module.
-With this release, the idrac_password and share_password aliases are introduced for idrac_pwd and share_pwd arguments. These aliases are applicable for all the modules except idrac_firmware and idrac_server_config_profile modules on Ansible 2.8.0.


Version 2.0.1, A00


Systems Management

Release date

14 Jun 2019

Last Updated

14 Jun 2019


Available formats

File Format: GNU-Zip
File Name: DellEMC_OpenManage_Ansible_Modules_version_2.0.1.273_A00.tar.gz
Download Type: HTTP
File Size: 773.51 KB
Format Description:
This format consists of gnu zip files for software installation.
To ensure the integrity of your download, please verify the checksum value.
File Format: GnuPG Signature for Linux Update Package
File Name: DellEMC_OpenManage_Ansible_Modules_version_2.0.1.273_A00.sign
Download Type: HTTP
File Size: 836 Bytes
Format Description:
The GnuPG signature for Red Hat Linux Update Package can be used to authenticate Dell's identity in the correlated Red Hat Linux Update Package.
To ensure the integrity of your download, please verify the checksum value.

By downloading, you accept the terms of the Dell Software License Agreement.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
SuSE Linux ES 15
1. Download the extractable DellEMC_OpenManage_Ansible_Modules_version_2.0.1.273_A00.tar.gz file from the support site.
2. Copy the extractable file to any local directory of Ansible Controller Machine.
3. Run tar -zxvf DellEMC_OpenManage_Ansible_Modules_version_2.0.1.273_A00.tar.gz.
4. Navigate to the DellEMC_OpenManage_Ansible_Modules_version_2.0.1.273_A00, library, examples, group_vars, host_vars, roles, samples, utils,,,,,, and files are extracted.
5. Run python If you are using python version 3.x, then run python3

Dell EMC OpenManage Ansible Module version 2.0.1 is installed successfully

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