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Dell Diagnostic Tools to Diagnose and Fix Hardware Problems on Your Dell PC, Tablet or Servers

Learn how to diagnose hardware problems and fix them using Dell built-in diagnostic tools (called 32-bit Diagnostics, PSA and ePSA). Access different diagnostic tools available on Dell PCs, Tablets and Servers. Read more

Connecting and Troubleshoot Internet Connectivity Issues on Your Dell Computer

Learn how to resolve common internet connection issues on your Dell computer that matches the Operating system. Read more

How to Troubleshoot Audio or Sound Playback Issues

Learn how to troubleshoot audio or sound playback issues on your Dell PC. Troubleshoot and resolve audio or sound playback issues like no audio, no sound, choppy or noisy audio, etc. Read more

How to Check Battery Health Status on Dell Laptops

Learn how to check the battery health status on a Dell laptop. Find information about using different methods to check the battery health of your Dell laptop. Read more

Lights not responding on Alienware and G Series computers after installing the Alienware Command Center

If the lights on your Alienware system turn off or stop responding to the changes you make you can attempt to run a repair installation using the latest version of the Alienware Command Center. To download the latest version of the Alienware Command Center visit Dell's support site. Read more

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