Dell Wyse USB Imaging Tool 3.5.0

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Dell Wyse USB Imaging Tool version 3.5.0 provides a simple USB imaging solution to help IT administrators to easily perform the pull or push operations in thin clients by using USB drives.
Dell Wyse USB Imaging Tool helps to quickly and easily image or reimage the supported Dell Wyse thin clients. The tool enables you to configure a bootable USB drive that you can plug into a thin client or a mobile thin client to pull or push the operating system images.
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Fixes & Enhancements

- Supports Imaging operation (PULL/PUSH) for Dell OptiPlex 3000 thin client.
- Supports Imaging with Secure Boot option.
- Updated Merlin version to 4.1.0.
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3.5.0, 3.5.0

Release date

22 Mar 2022

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Dell Technologies recommends reviewing this update to determine if it applies to your system. The update contains changes that impact only certain configurations or provides new features that may or may not apply to your environment.

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This version of the Dell Wyse USB Imaging Tool is supported only under the platforms it is posted. Please refer to the Dell Wyse USB Imaging Tool Release Notes of this version under the Documentation for details on supported platforms and operating systems.

Before you download and install, ensure the following:
- A minimum free disk space of 2 GB to download, extract, and install.
- Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 installed.
1. Log in as Administrator into the system where you want to run the installation and extract the contents of the Dell Wyse USB Imaging Tool installer.
2. Navigate to the folder where you have extracted the installer and run Dell Wyse USB Imaging Tool.exe. The Welcome screen is displayed.
3. Click the Dell Application software EULA link to read the license agreements.
4. Click Next. The default installation path is displayed.
5. Click Change if you want to specify a custom installation path, and click Next after you specify the path.
6. Click Next to start the installation process.
7. Click Exit to close the installer window once installation is complete.

Refer to the Dell Wyse USB Imaging Tool User Guide under Documentation for more details.

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