Adaptec PERC2; 2/Si; 3/Si; 3/Di, PERC2, PERC2/Si, PERC3/Si, PERC3/Di, v.2.7.1, A02

A configuration utility for PERC2, PERC2/Si, PERC3/Si, and PERC3/Di controllers from within Red Hat Linux 8.0 . This application allows you to perform storage management tasks on the above listed controllers, attached disks, and containers by providing many commands.

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Fixes & Enhancements

Added script to create /dev/afaX with the correct major/minor number when afacli starts.
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2.7.1, A02

Release date

18 Nov 2002

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Dell Technologies recommends reviewing this update to determine if it applies to your system. The update contains changes that impact only certain configurations or provides new features that may or may not apply to your environment.
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File Format: A tar file for software installation
File Name: aacraid-util-rh8.0-i386.tar.gz
File Size: 392.78 KB
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This file is an archive of compressed files for software installation.
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Additional details

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Default Instructions for aacraid-util-rh8.0-i386.tar.gz:

Download this file to a temporary directory on your working system.

If you are downloading this using a Microsoft Windows system:
- save the file onto a formatted 3 1/2 inch floppy
- take the floppy out and insert it into your Linux system floppy drive
- In your Linux system, login as root and do the following to copy it
to /tmp:
mount /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy
cp /mnt/floppy/aacraid-util-rh8.0-i386.tar.gz /tmp
umount /mnt/floppy

If your are downloading this to your Linux system, save it onto a
temporary directory (Eg. /tmp)

To extract the files, login as root and do the following from the command
Change directory to where you saved the file:
cd /tmp
tar -xvzf aacraid-util-rh8.0-i386.tar.gz

To install the rpm,
rpm -ivh afaapps-2.7.2.i386.rpm

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